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February 24, 2017

We asked: Would you ever choose a partner you love over your family, if your family didn’t approve of her/him?


Knowledge Chinyoka
I would choose the woman l love over my family because love is not a matter of how someone else feels about the person my heart settled for. It’s all about that person and how l truly feel about them. If l learnt to grow to love my human, then my family can do the same. If not then it’s their loss. My heart cannot have people dictate to it who to love and who not to.

Valentino Majoni
I can’t choose the person I love over my family because blood is thicker than water. Family always comes first, as they have stood by me through thick and thin. However, if I really feel that she’s a soul mate, hence an essential asset in my life then I might choose her.

Mathias Sadiki
Knowing my family and their values, we kind of share the same values – I don’t think I’d ever be with someone whom they don’t approve… because the moment I allow her into my life it simply means I allow her into my family’s life, so yeah…. my family takes precedence.

Lee Msvamhiri
I would give my parents an ear to hear their views but I would honour my final decision based on what I want. If the lady is what I have been looking for then I will be with her and it’s only a matter of time until my parents accept my decision. After all it’s my happiness that matter more at the end of the day.



Tariro Samantha Kambasha
Parents can have a say when it comes to my boyfriend being a drug addict, physically abusive, commitment phobic, or chronically unemployed. But if I am in a long-term happy relationship with a man who treats me well and has never done anything to betray my trust, then it’s absolutely crazy to break up with him. If we can work out our differences then no one else has a right to say anything except, “Congratulations, I’m so happy for you!”
Chipo Manikwa
I am a believer of unity so choosing would not be an option. The manual I use (bible) tells me that where there is unity there is a commanded blessing. I believe as a Christian my choices involve the wisdom and guidance of God so therefore the right man for me would not be about choosing either him or my family but uniting both.  

Sanele Mangena
A family can have a say when the relationship is unhealthy or if that relationship turns me into a bad person. If that man treats me well and has never betrayed my trust I would choose the man l love because with family no matter what we will always be family.

Patience Mubvuringi
I believe that one should fight for what they believe in. If my relationship is worth fighting for, then I will definitely notify my family and tell them to be supportive of the guy I am dating. I believe both my family and guy should compromise and work out their differences. At the end of the day no one has the right to decide who I date.

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