You don’t have to apologise (you’re single)

August 29, 2017

Single women go through the most on a daily basis. If it’s not fielding questions like “So when are you getting a man?” from friends, they are dealing with comments like “Don’t worry, you’ll meet someone soon.” A wise man once advised that when someone tells you not to worry, you should ask them “Who said I’m worried?” (mic drop). Being single on its own is hectic and for that reason, women don’t need all the unnecessary pressure put on them by friends and family (and judgemental strangers). So, yes, it’s okay to be a certain way and do certain things. In fact, when you’re a single, fabulous woman, you don’t have to apologise for…

Duh…being single

You don’t have a bae to take you out, buy you things and cuddle with? Fine. You don’t have a single baecation photo on Instagram? Whatever.You don’t have material to throw in at those random tweets about relationships? So what? You still have you and that is more than enough. The moment you don’t feel weird about being single, you’re already on your way to discovering one of life’s greatest truths: you are more than enough for you. Own your single(ness). Don’t apologise for it.

Being picky

Since you’re alone and the world assumes you are…well, searching, it’s okay to not just say yes to any random guy that pays you more than five seconds of attention. You like your men tall, dark and handsome? Go for them. “Shorty” asking you out and there being no sign of anyone else coming shouldn’t back you into a corner. You don’t have to apologise for having preferences. You’ll get reprimanded for being picky when you don’t really have alternative prospectives but stick to your guns, sister! Don’t settle.

Taking yourself out

Someone out there is of the notion that women who eat alone at fancy restaurants or drink alone at pubs are desperate and sending out signals that they are “looking” for a man (how wrong you are). (If) once in a while, you want to spoil yourself but because you will get judged if you’re seen eating or drinking alone,  and so you are forced to let your leech(y) girlfriends tag along just to fill the seats, then please stop. There is nothing wrong with showing up to places alone. Hey, it’s more than okay to accompany yourself to places. Everyone needs some alone time.

Eyeing (random) hot guys

You are single. You have every right to window shop. If it looks good, it probably is good. You can look (and touch) all you want, because hey, you don’t answer to anyone. In fact, this is the only time in your life where you can really widen your horizons when it comes to ogling eye candy. Look all you want, single sister. You don’t have to apologise for it.

So, if you’re single, stop apologising for some of these things. You have rights. Go all out and do what you want to do. You are single and you’re awesome.

Ntombikamama Moyo



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