Yanaya: The Fresh Gamechanger Promoting Healthy Living and Redefining What it Means to Eat Well…

Fact. “The first wealth is your health”. And for 28 year old Restauranter and Entrepreneur, Nyaradzo Dhliwayo, that meant putting her money where her mouth is. Nyaradzo is the Founder of Yanaya, the first of its kind Zimbabwean healthy food bar serving healthy, nutritious, organic food to fuel and energise without compromising on flavour or taste. A health conscious Vegan herself, it was Nyaradzo’s struggle to find places serving good Vegetarian meals that inspired her to create a space where people could enjoy a meal out, providing them with delicious, wholesome, 100 percent plant-based foods. And now, nearly five years on, Yanaya is fast becoming the household name she always envisioned, serving an impressive (and tasty) Chef driven and inspired menu that includes freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, salads and bunless burgers, to name a few…


As if this wasn’t impressive enough; enter Yanaya’s latest offering-The Yanaya Plain Cultured Coconut Dairy Free Yoghurt; an unsweetened, vegan friendly, lactose free, Banting and Keto friendly yoghurt with a myriad of health benefits… in addition to being really good for the gut(Aaand we’re officially sold!) Fast becoming the hottest new kid on the block, with notable celebrities giving their hearty stamps of approval already, the Yanaya Plain Cultured Coconut Dairy Free Yoghurt is exactly what the doctor ordered for just about everyone; those conscientiously trying to lose weight ( us), Vegans, Diabetics and those who just can not resist how tasty the yoghurt is (also us).


Because we needed to satisfy our cravings over this new arrival, and because talking to trailblazing Bossbabes is our all time favorite thing, we caught up with Nyaradzo herself for a first hand scoop on the makings of Yanaya and this newest addition to the family….




First things first, how and why did you start the Yanaya brand? 

I had been Vegan for two years and Vegetarian for three years and I struggled whenever I went to eat out because there weren’t any places that offered good vegetarian meals. I realised getting healthy, nutritious, natural tasting food was a struggle not only for myself but for many people in Zimbabwe. That inspired me to create a space for someone who is health conscious to enjoy a meal out. We started in 2016 doing office deliveries whilst building a customer base, then in 2019 we opened our first bar and now here we are today.



What is the inspiration behind Yanaya?

Yanaya aims to share delicious, wholesome, plant-based food that fuels and energises without compromising flavour, taste or satisfaction. Our chef-driven healthy menu features locally-sourced ingredients in their most natural form to create inspired dishes, made 100% by us daily. We are passionate about feeding our customers hearty, nourishing meals made from whole ingredients that have a positive impact on their overall mind, body and health. At Yanaya our goal is simple- to redefine what it means to eat well and promote a heathier happier lifestyle.


How did you arrive at the name Yanaya?

Yanaya is a Shona word for (it has rained) loosely derived from “mvura yanaya”. In our context this means freshness has come. Yanaya is also a Hebrew word meaning an answered prayer.


You have recently introduced the first of its kind Yanaya Plain Cultured Coconut Dairy Free Yoghurt. What makes it a unique product?

Our Yanaya Plain Cultured Coconut Dairy Free Yoghurt is unsweetened, vegan friendly, lactose free as well as Banting and Keto friendly. It has a myriad of health benefits outside of being good for the gut.


What are some of these health benefits ?

The Yanaya Plain Cultured Coconut Dairy Free Yoghurt is an ideal option for those who need or choose to avoid dairy products because they struggle with lactose intolerance, and because it is not sweetened, it is also the ideal option for Diabetics. It is also high in calcium, strengthens bones, helps people who are trying to lose weight and improves heart and gut health.


And who are the ideal consumers for this new range?

We are serving a niche space for healthy food as part of our mandate to promote healthy living. Though we have tried to narrow down our primary market to healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, vegans, lactose intolerant people and those with varying health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, we have discovered that there is a growing population who are becoming more aware of what they eat and how they live. This has become our secondary market. Our yoghurt is high in nutritional benefits and has live cultures which is good for gut health. We have all kinds of customers ranging from those conscientiously trying to lose weight, vegans, diabetics and those who just can not resist how tasty the yoghurt is. The yoghurt has been trending in town with notable celebrities having already endorsed our product line.




The Yanaya Plain Cultured Coconut Dairy Free Yoghurt is currently available in a 500g tub. You can get your fix at your nearest Food Lovers Market, Vegan Vibes, Juniper; and very soon, as Nyaradzo herself assures, at your nearest Pick n Pay, with plans to sign on with them and with other major retailers already in the works. Also already in the works? A selection of new flavours to add onto the Yanaya Cultured Dairy-Free Yoghurt range, including Oatmilk, Cashew and Almond. (As we grab ourselves a tub of the Yanaya Plain Cultured Coconut Dairy Free Yoghurt to indulge in whilst we patiently wait)




  • Tino Shiri

    I’ve been keto since 2019 and believe me, it’s been hard to find outlets that serve keto friendly meals until I stumbled upon their Joina City branch, and just as their name implies,,, my prayers were answered ❤️


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