January 31, 2018

Say goodbye to January in an energetic and fun way. We’re all invited to an Album launch & Birthday bash  this Friday. If you have never seen an artist with a great and vibrant stage presence then you haven’t seen the Ninja president Winky D on stage. A great chance to shake off the Jan-worry vibes! Don’t be left out when everybody starts singing along  to the new  songs… Supporting acts from Killer T and Judgement Yard to mention a few are also something to look forward to at this show. Fans will also be serenaded by a Special guest artist from South Africa ; Buffalo Soldier.

See you at the Gombwe Album Launch and Birthday Bash!!! Way to go Winky D!!!

Advance tickets are available at all Coloursell Shops as well as at Sopranos.

DATE :                   02 FEBRUARY 2018


TIME:                    8PM

ENTRY:                  $7 GENERAL

$15 VIP

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