I Will Sing On -A must read

May 4, 2018

There are times when a well spent Friday night means curling up on the couch, in the serenity of your home with a glass of wine and a very good book. Book lovers will agree that reading a book is tantamount to getting lost in another world. There are two short novels we strongly recommend:

Tsungirira Danai & I will sing on. These are two stories about women who have seen it all, fought hard, smiled through tears and still claimed their happiness. These two short novels tell the story of Zimbabwean women. Women who are resilient, who dress up and show up no matter the circumstances. They maybe fiction stories but as you flip through the pages it is like a de ja vu of what your mother, sister or even you have gone through. These books are so inspiring, I will sing on gives the reader an urge to follow their dreams and passion, to remember to live life to the fullest despite calamity and destructive criticism especially from those close to you. Tsungirira Danai is a story of endurance and patience, you quickly realise how we are quick to judge people without imagining the trials they go through and hide behind beautiful lipstick and smiles.


About the Author

Prudence Natsai Muganiwah-Zvavanjanja holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree from Rhodes University and has worked in Zimbabwe as a researcher with the UZ-UCSF, as a freelance columnist for ZimPapers as well as an Editor for Alpha Media Holdings. Her main interests for both publications were Arts & Culture as well as commentary on social issues.

She is currently based in Namibia, from where she works as the social media Manager for Jah Prayzah. She is married to Wallace and is a proud mother of one. She is currently working on her second piece after writing a successful published novel; “Letters from beyond” which is available on hard copy.

The book is available in PDF. To purchase a copy send a text message to 0775531484 / 00264816858067.

1 copy costs $2 and a combo of the 2 copies is $3

Enjoy Reading!!!

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