When Life Gives You Lemons Paint That Sh*t Gold

August 21, 2017


“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” this is a popular saying people use when faced with negative situations to see the deeper sweeter side to it. How often do we apply this in our lives, we mostly panic and fall apart when faced with a difficult situation but the trick to it is to paint everything gold. See the positive side to every negative problem.

It is much easier said than done, but to keep moving we need to able to implement in our lives, cause problems will always be there, critics will always be there but this is meant to build and not break you. There is always a lesson in every circumstance you encounter situation, and you need to find that lesson. This allows you to constructively cope with negative situations. Always think of it as a challenge that is strengthening you for later circumstances.

We hardly take control of situations we have power on in our lives,we should concentrate our energies on those things we can control to boost our outlook on life.
Reach out for social support. No matter what you are facing, you can find comfort in the knowledge that some other human being has been there, too. Whether you are dealing with financial troubles, a bad break up or recovering from a health problem–there’s someone out there who understands your struggle. Connecting with such individuals can help you feel less alone.

Always maintain optimism in your life, most of the times it is not the situation that counts but the reaction to the situation. Being an optimist is just as much about your reactions as it is about your thinking patterns. Stocking a toolbox with healthy skills that you can apply during stressful or upsetting times is key to maintaining your optimism.

Refrain from making comparisons, holding your life and your accomplishments up against those of another is a bad habit that you need to break. Comparisons keep you feeling bad about yourself, because there will always be someone who is more attractive, richer, or more successful. Aim to stop idealizing and start humanizing.

Always stick around positive people, spend your day and time with people who make you feel valuable, when you surround yourself with friends and family who are supportive, you give yourself the best chance to thrive.

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