Wellness Friday: Divulging the inner woman

February 14, 2019

I was never big on exercise, mostly because of my slender figure so I never saw the need to exercise. I had the typical ‘exercise is meant to lose weight’ mindset. That also characterized most people around me; we all had our personal excuses not to exercise. It was either we did not want to lose weight; we did not have the time or did not need it. I assume that is how most women are. We tend to prioritize other things instead of our personal well being. In doing so, we neglect our physical, social and spiritual well being. For this reason, Divas Inc presents the 2019 wellness pop-up event with the theme ‘Divulging the inner woman.’ The event is aimed at bringing together ‘working’ Zimbabwean women who are facing difficulties in maintaining a healthy life; specifically regarding their social, physical, financial and spiritual wellness.

We realized that balancing a successful career, family, social life and an ideal body can be very stressful. As a result, we end up sacrificing important aspects of ourselves just so we can cope with the needs of those around us. The pop up event will have various wellness routines so you can have an opportunity to select one that is ideal to you; these include yoga, taebo and meditation. It will also host an exhibition and provide tips for healthy meals. Fitness and spiritual guidance, financial advice and a wellness clinic are a few of the activities to look forward to. The Divulging the inner woman pop up event is the answer to all your questions and the solution to your problems. The occasion will host the best instructors, chefs and financial advisors in the country. It is an opportunity to network as well as to make friends with other successful women like yourself. It’s a once in a life time opportunity!

March the 22nd will be a fun filled, joyous, uplifting, encouraging, breath taking event that will leave you in awe.

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