Valentine for singles

February 5, 2019

Be your own special valentine

Valentine can be depressing if you don’t have a partner to share it with. This is most likely because it has been associated with a lot of pressure and expectations to spend it with a romantic partner. Reflecting on the lonely Friday nights, the boring long weekends, that one day a week you meet up with friends and talk about their amazing love lives often makes it difficult to embrace the month of love. Most women would rather be stuck in toxic, loveless relationships just so they can be ‘attached.’ Women have been conditioned to look outside of themselves for pure unconditional love. Let’s say you do receive the big bouquet of flowers, an expensive gift, a romantic dinner and tie it all together with an explosive bedroom experience, it’s all just fantasy. In reality, you have unresolved issues that you’ve ‘put on ice’ so you can spend the valentine with someone or have something to say on a girls’ weekend. Have you ever thought that maybe the special someone you’re desperately searching for is the one staring back at you in the mirror? Just maybe you’ve been neglecting your one true love in pursuit of infatuation. It’s time you got the love that you deserve. Fall in love with yourself again. The only person who can give you the perfect valentine’ is YOU.
Make this valentine’ unlike any other, adopt these ideas… You, yourself more than anyone in the universe deserves your love and affection.

Reflect on your current relationship. Do you feel loved and respected? Is there any emotional/spiritual gain from the relationship? Most importantly, are you happy? Relationships should provide both entities with emotional/spiritual growth, love and respect. When these cease, you should be careful not to be an ‘accessory’ in the relationship, your sole purpose being to fulfill your partner’s needs. Sometimes women are stuck in relationships simply because they are afraid of being alone. This fear is often greater than their individual needs. The best gift you can give yourself this valentine’ is self love. You need to make friends with yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company. After all, self love is the greatest love.

Acknowledge and excuse yourself for the mistakes made in your previous relationships. In the process, excuse your partner in order to find inner peace and cultivate an open heart ready for new experiences. Life is too short to spend it nursing animosity. It only hurts you.

Connect with yourself
Take time to rekindle the spark within; rediscover yourself. Be mindful of your inner voice. Write love notes to yourself and recite them when negativity creeps in. Feel free to say what you love best about yourself; don’t wait for somebody else to.

Surround yourself with beauty
Our outer environment correlates with our inner conditions. Create a peaceful atmosphere that fills and lights you up. Surround yourself with beauty e.g. nature or some soft music.

Spoil yourself
Get your hair and nails done, book a massage, get yourself an expensive gift, go to that fancy restaurant and order the most expensive meal on the menu. Do whatever your heart desires, you’re worth it…

Remember, you don’t find love, love finds you…so stop trying so hard to find a partner, you already have one in yourself.

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