Upclose : Rumbidzai Mugabe

May 1, 2018

This month, in our #OwnYourBeautiful Series we’re celebrating 4 unique divas whose sheer beauty radiates for all the world to see! We celebrate them for owning that though they may be different – that in no way means they’re any less. For standing firm in your beauty, and for fully owning your beautiful, we are truly inspired Divas! By Mutsa Margaret Gunda

Rumbidzai Faith Mugabe is a very hyper active, outspoken, loving person and a Christian working on becoming the best she can be. She comes from a family of five children, and she is the third. She loves being the middle child and she describes this strategic position as, ‘Right in the middle embraced by love, fights and arguments that will always be swept under the rug and forgotten.’ She is popularly known as Chef Rumbie; she loves eating good food and it’s a great thing that she is a great cook.

Please introduce yourself:

I am a self taught Chef by profession and I absolutely love my career choice. Working with food is the best choice of artistry anyone could ever be associated with, if you do it right that is. If you see me in person you will notice my skin looks different visually, but I am still the same person. I have Vitiligo (a chronic skin condition, which means it cannot be treated) – everyone has it actually; mine is just more 🙂 My melanocytes which are my pigment cells have a structural defect which leads to their early death hence the patches on my skin.

A bit of jargon there …what are melanocytes?

Melanocytes are cells in our skin that produce melanin which defines our skin color.

Do you feel any pain?

It’s not painful nor does it itch. I struggle in summer because of sunburn and of course have to use a high SPF sunscreen.

When did this condition start and how have you been coping?

In March 2012. I have grown to embrace and love the new me. It’s a chance to make a great difference in my community and country because people will never forget me.

It’s quite natural for people to stare, how did you feel about that?

People’s stares made me very uncomfortable. I would rather have an individual who asks instead of staring. Staring is impolite.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my family. They push me to become a better version of myself everyday.

Describe your ‘perfect’ winding down kind of day:

I will wake up super late like 10amish, no work. Do a DIY pamper myself – facial and skin care, have a filling breakfast. If am not staying home all day and catching up on a good series like Queen Sugar, I am most likely attending an event or events.

What are your ideal hangout spots?

I love anything that’s outdoor, has music and food Yes! Yes! Absolutely my thing.

 What is your favourite music Genre?

I love RnB and soul mostly. I am a hopeless romantic ☺ One of my current local favorites is Ccicci, her voice is yet to anoint some ears.

What are your hobbies?

Travel locally and internationally, eating, raising awareness on vitiligo too!!!

Any favourite quotes?

Where there is great love, there are always miracles.” ~ Willa Cather

Because all the world needs is a little more love; love for nature, animals, one another and the earth as a whole.

Thank you Chef Rumbie…

Zimbabwe has a Vitiligo support group which can be found at;

[email protected]

0783362775   & Vitiligo Zimbabwe on Facebook

You can also follow Chef Rumbie on;

Twitter MugabeRumbidzai

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