Unplugged Zimbabwe: Unpluggers Choice

August 21, 2017

We know you love your music because we do! Which is why you have probably found yourself at Unplugged or dreaming of being at Unplugged Zw once or twice. It’s almost that time again where it all goes down and we get to chill with our loved ones bobbing our heads to some locally cooked food for the soul. The twist this time around is- the main act is the Unpluggers choice meaning chosen upon request by Unpluggers. We declare slayment on Saturday the 26th of August; 2pm-7pm. One word- Gafa!!

Winky D will be gracing the Unplugged grounds this Saturday and we are expecting a blast as he always delivers a blast. But hey, there’s more- Chitima, Tariro NeGitare and Munya Nyamarebvu.

Lit! That’s what it is- with the sponsorship of Coca cola of course. The question is- are you ready to close off August with a bang?

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