The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Blogging

April 27, 2021

We’ve seen how most bloggers seem to have it all figured out. But the truth is, even the most successful of them had to start somewhere. In case you have been  wondering where to begin, here we are, helping you start from the bottom up on your journey to becoming a great blogger. We had to engage Nobuhle Nyoni, popularly known as uBu. Her blog has become the source of inspiration for many a blogger. In addition to blogging, Nobuhle is also the author of The Kings That Didn’t Need This Queen

And because we DO need this Queen, we got some much needed pointers from her with this beginners guide to blogging…


1.Figure out what you are really about. Not what you think is cool, but what you know you love and want to teach people.

This is what will set you apart from every other blogger out there. There are millions of bloggers im the world. But there’s only one you.


2.Yes you need a logo. Your blog is your brand and it’s important for you to have a unique logo that ties to your brand.  Duh, you totally need a name. The key is to have a name that immediately tells us what we will find on your website. And that’s about to be your name on all your platforms, don’t confuse us please.

We are building a brand here after all!


3.Self hosting or nah!? This is always the milliom dollar question. It’s up to you but I say if your plan is to monetize then yep, you need to self host! But to begin with, www.wordpress.comis your friend. Should you decide to self host in order to monetize, i.e having your own site, you can always migrate as you grow.


4.Design. That website better look nice!

We all know how us human beings are always attracted by appearances. Take time to get the design of your website right. Invest in it and put in all the work in making it look attractive. Get a second and third opinion, it will do no harm!


5.Categories, name them as simply as possible. The point is for people to figure out what’s behind the category. Because you are a brand people need to associate your brand with something specific, be it soccer or fashion. Pick your category and build from it.


6.Colors. Pick your colors and stick to them even in your social media graphics. Those are yours!  Fonts, yes you need to have a maximum of 2. Use them across the board; that means with your logo too!


7.Now that you have figured that out it’s time to move onto the content calendars! It’s not enough to just have a blog. Now the real work begins. Have a content calendar which guides you on what you will be posting. Focus on the little details like spelling and grammar. Not to mention a marketing plan. Share on your socials and go all out with the graphics.


Now that you have your blogging 101, go forth, blog and flourish! Good luck.


By: Thandie Nyoni


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