Tsitsi Celebrates Her Tribe of Women And the One Man who gets Honorary Membership

October 12, 2020

Mrs Scholastica Sibenge – Mai Tsitsi. She has been an entrepreneur all her life. She raised me to be a firebrand. My mom never took no for an answer, no was the beginning of a negotiation with her. She dared to explore what she could do, buying real estate at an age where few women owned real estate or had mortgages. Her determination was one of the biggest influencers of my whole life. I don’t give up because I know she never would. She taught me strength and resilience. I can face anything and be anything. She researches and executes and I am so like her in many ways. Both me and my sister are very like her.  One of my biggest cheerleaders.

Mrs Catherine Mutendi – Widowed and left with 9 children, youngest being 6 months, she raised my husband and she continues to raise me. She is a prayer warrior, a wealth of wisdom, a fierce Momma, humble and soft spoken but strong and resilient. She is… and I am blessed to love and be loved by her. She faces everything with calmness and strength. Her simple calm resilience and prayerfulness are so essential to me. She has taught me to be accepting and that wisdom is quiet and understanding.

Miss Munodawafa my most memorable teacher. Her belief in me impacted me so so much. She encouraged me to be me. She passed on, before I got the opportunity to ever tell her how much her pouring in helped a little girl become her best self. She taught me that if you believe in yourself and you do the work, you can succeed. And she taught me that other people’s opinions are just that, other people’s opinions! I should not be bothered or affected by them, but I should focus on my goals and keep pushing.


My husband Daniel Mutendi is not a woman but he is a man who supports women. He is my rock and cheerleader. He will stand in for me to fill the gap and hold my share whilst I pursue changing the world. Not enough men like him are celebrated. He doesn’t see me as competition and he allows me to shine whilst he holds me up in the background. He sees my tears and my triumphs and through it all he reassures me of my worth and my value. I am truly grateful for him as my sounding board. He has taught me so much, but the most amazing 2 lessons are: 1. Tomorrow is another day. It all comes to pass and we move on; so don’t be so caught up in a bad moment. 2. It will all work out ok. Whatever that is, it will be ok. He is not easily shaken and I depend on him for my sanity. A father of 2 girls and 1 boy he is setting the pace on how my daughters will expect to be treated and how my son should treat the women in his life.


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