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May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers. It is a blessing to be and to have a mother. We had a quick chat with Spiwe Mukoki, a Zimbabwean entrepreneur who is the Chief Designer at House2Home. Like most Zimbabwean women, she juggles her roles gracefully. We would like to continue appreciating women and all the work they do.

  • Please tell us about your career choice

I’m a Radiographer by training, a Marketer by passion and an Interior Decorator by calling. Interior décor all started as a hobby until I realized that I had a keen eyefor design and quality. I also found that the elements of daily life are key to any interior space and that the elements of daily life are key to an interior space. I read around my area of interest a lot and according to one of the most celebrated Designer’s from the 1930’s, Jean-Michel Frank; “Perfect taste is recipe for a soulless room”


  • Why did you choose the name House2Home?

The name came from our vison, to create a lifestyle you would love to come home to. When a place is empty it’s a house but once you add your touch, your favourite pieces it then becomes a home that tells a story about you. When we do home visits or interact with clients in store, they tell us their preferences, unbeknown to them they are already creating their home subconsciously. We may add the icing on the cake but the detail comes from the client.


  • Do you design as well as sew all your material?

Yes our cushions are bespoke and we make them according to the client’s desired sizes and specifications.


  • Are you a mother?

Yes a proud one!!!I’m a biological mother to one heaven sent adorable son, but a mother to many other children out there. Every woman is a mother.


  • What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood means that I have my heart running outside of me. It means the world to me and gives me a reason to smile. The meaning of motherhood is virtually endless. A mother is a selfless, loving human who will sacrifice many of her wants and needs for those of her children. A mother is a protector, a disciplinarian and a friend.

  • May you please take us through a process of how we can turn our houses to homes this Mother’s Day?

Firstly, have a colour palette in mind; visualize what colours you would like to work with. This will make putting together pieces much easier. You should also take a look at your budget, if it’s tight my secret is focus on what attracts people the most, so you may change or alter a few elements such as adding colourful beautiful cushions. The transformation will surprise you. Secondly; Ornaments are small but they add sophistication to your home. Bits and pieces of ornaments put together will give your home an exquisite finish.


Thank you Spiwe and happy Mother’s day to you!!!


You may find House2home @;

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Call/Whatsapp 0733 636 940

6 Cumberland Court, Cnr 3rd/Baines Avenues, Harare


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