“Welcome to the New Age”: Zimbabwe’s Top Creatives Partner with UNDP for the ‘Beyond Now-Reimagining Society’ Campaign

November 23, 2020

The world took a sudden turn this year, with the Covid -19 pandemic taking over our livelihoods. We’ve now had to shift into a new way of life, and change the way we interact, learn, work and manage, and move into the ‘new normal’ to maintain stability in the country and across the globe. For the world to overcome challenging situations and adapt to a post-Covid19 world, we have had to imagine the impossible becoming possible.

With this ‘new normal’ in mind, UNDP Zimbabwe launched a digital campaign called ‘Beyond Now – Reimagining Society’ that has been running throughout the month of November. This campaign has seen UNDP Zimbabwe partnering with some of the countries’ top creatives and influencers. The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic through creativity and encourage society to ‘think outside the box’ in order to build a better post-pandemic world. We’ve had to become accustomed to a ‘new way’ of living. With the virus still very much prevalent in the country and in the world, certain measures have been put into place and need to be observed to curb the rapid spread of the virus. We’ve seen the world go digital, with people doing business and advancing their careers online. Face masks have become the new order of the day. Regular sanitising and strict social distancing measures have become the new norms of society.


The “Beyond Now: Reimagine Society” Campaign is divided into two parts; the first focusing on people’s views on how they’ve been affected by the pandemic, both negatively and positively. The second part is a virtual fashion show which is bringing awareness through creative art, in a way that is engaging and relatable. The Designers involved in the Campaign are showcasing the new face of fashion, with creative looks aimed to show how we can still be fashionable whilst adhering to the Covid19 safety regulations; HELLO statement jewellery and accessories, and of course, designer face masks, which we all know have now become a norm , not just as a necessity but as a fashion statement.
Some of the creatives taking part in this campaign include fashion designers Takudzwa Chitsike (Dee Kaw Zee) Joyce Chimanye ( Zuvva ) Danayi Chapfika Madondo (Haus of stone), Rudo Nondo, Chido Ruwodo (Patch Maoko eZimbabwe) and Rumbi Matemachani (Rungano Rwedu). Models for the digital fashion campaign were provided by Top Model Zimbabwe and Makeup Artist, Haseena Wazir did the makeup. Top Local Artists including Shasha, Winky D and Gemma Griffiths were also involved and modeled some of the creations.


The creatives involved in the Campaign have all expressed how the campaign gave them an ideal opportunity to collaborate, advance their skills and participate in raising awareness on Covid 19. Despite the challenges that have arisen due to the pandemic in the fashion and beauty industry, they’ve all had to come up with new ways of doing business as they continue building their brands in a post-Covid world.
The “Beyond Now-Reimagine Society” Campaign will end on the 27th of November but awareness and responsible conduct from all citizens is expected to continue beyond then. The UNDP Zimbabwe encourages citizens to adapt new methods of living as they continue with their day to day activities and to continue observing preventive measures such as wearing face masks, frequent sanitising and social distancing:)

By:Chido Kakora

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