The Zim Black Rose: Norma Ndove

August 17, 2017

Norma Ndove- your ultimate career woman. From motivational speaking to life coaching.

You are a woman with a variety of skills. What are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about motivating and inspiring people. Over the years I have found that investing in people is worth waking up for.

What do you think of motivational speaking as a career in Zimbabwe?

I think motivational speaking or any career choice is viable if it is a passion and you are not trying to be or sound like someone else.If you spend time trying to be and imitating someone then it eventually dies down; any choice must be based on you being fully committed to it.  It sounds horribly cliché but you really don’t have time to waste trying to be someone else when you have so much of yourself to be.

We are convinced your interests go beyond your work. What other interests do you have?

I enjoy cooking,reading (certified bookworm) , travelling & writing when the moment takes me. I try to do something different often. I enjoyed What’s your Moonshot by John Sanei and every so often a thick romance novel keeps the heart young …

What motivated you to go into motivational speaking?

I trained with Glen McQuirk from the Map 4 Life Institute & the principles I learnt within that time push you to want to see others succeed.

Have you at one point in time had body image issues and how did you deal with them?

Oh honey who hasn’t ? LOL. I’m a plus size woman & how I look has been a struggle from when I was quite young & growing up in a time when fat wasn’t cute is hard. It took a lot & it’s an every day decision I make. To really love myself and embrace who I am and accept that this is all me. We are not taught to celebrate our bodies, we are taught to hide and close it off like some ugly thing & we compare ourselves too much. Body issues affect your self esteem and even the quality of relationships you end up having. So self acceptance, being healthy and happy. From a young age I think we need to teach girls about their bodies and how to love and own their bodies. Not this thing you cover up . You owe you the most in this life and only you can teach the world how to treat you. It’s a daily decision. I love SA women for saying ndimhle , ndijuicy, ndinice and ndi right mhan!! lol You have to love you best always.

What areas do you think the young woman still needs help in when it comes to empowerment?

I think just being encouraged to be themselves and speak up. If I gave you the nicest car but took away the key, there would be no purpose. We have given them everything but the platform to freely speak. We need to teach the young woman to own her voice & let it be heard. To express their fears, hopes, displeasure and hopes. To fully own that they can contribute and sit in boardrooms & make decisions.

In a time when everyone is leaving the country you chose to return to Zimbabwe after 11 years in South Africa. How did you come to that decision?

I hated being on the outside looking in and complaining about things , so I challenged myself to come and do something about it. To be honest I was fed up with not being part of changing or adding value to my country. I hated identifying with the term “foreigner”. Your true expression is in the place you feel at home in and I didn’t feel like SA was home , I felt I was in transit to another place. People called it crazy but for me it resonated very strongly with my ability to come and be an asset and the doors to do that have opened.

What is your experience with being single in a society that champions marriage like?

The older you get the more it’s about having the same values , ideas and a common path of focus to move towards – then you go it made. And that marriage at the right time with the right person for the right reasons is a blessing. Let’s not force people into unhappiness. let’s value women for who they are and what they are and not whose they are. I know so many unhappy women who got married for all the wrong reasons and it creates a cycle of bitterness our own children don’t need.

What do you find attractive in a man?

Honesty, a good sense of humour, a praying man ain’t a shame , generally someone who knows what they want & can enjoy life while at it.

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