The place to be this Winter

May 29, 2018

Do you fancy a hot well prepared cup of coffee? We know just the place where you can get it. If you’re one of those people who are not sure about coffee and constantly wonder if coffee is good for you? Well Yes! Studies have shown that that drinking coffee every day can help lower your risk of many serious health conditions and even help you feel better. It offers more than the morning caffeine pick me up.  Ladies good news; there have been studies that show that moderate coffee drinking lowered the risk of coronary heart disease in women. By now you’re convinced to give in right?

Now if you haven’t been to Freshly Ground Coffee bar you haven’t really tasted delicious coffee. They also offer a variety of decadent treats to accompany your hot cup. If you’re watching your weight, there’s no need to worry they have special banting muffins on offer. It’s an ideal place for your business meetings since they open as early as 7am and you can still have your catch up coffee.

Hope to see you at one of their spots, @ the Village Walk or Sam Levy’s… Don’t say we didn’t tell you…

Shop 6, New Block 3

Sam Levy’s Village

Borrowdale Road


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