The Music Scene

August 10, 2017

It’s mid year and the music scene is definitely happening! So many launches and releases we can hardly keep up! None the less here are our current top 3 tracks in the music scene.

  1. Trevor Dongo has us in the feels with his single “Ndokuda”. He always knows how to get us all mushy and loved up.
  2. Tamy has us up and singing to “Ndyeke” too! Talk about broken hearts and teary eyes. something between Amanda Black, Adele and any other soulful artist that comes to mind! Ndyeke ndihambe
  3. Cal_vin too has “Thabani” rocking our playlist. The Lovemore Majaivana mix just does everything!

We are also looking forward to a few more launches and releases this year…

Mr Putiti- ExQ is set to launch his album, featuring Jah Prayzah, Andy Muridzo, Nutty O, DJ Nutty and Chiweda

We are still waiting for the fire Jah Prayzah and Davido Coke Studio! The award winning artist also has an album due in September.

Until then, sing on!


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