The Hlomu Series Creator Graces Bulawayo

August 17, 2017

Mqoqiwokuhle. Mqhele. Nkosana. Qhawe. Sambulo. Ntsika. Nqoba. Mpande

Eight men who walked into thousands of women’s lives and drove them insane! The Zulu brother fantasy that has every woman giving a lookable taxi driver “the look”. Hell, the smell of Mqhele’s cigarettes haunts us every night! A book that has given every woman a Zulu name for their unborn child. We must admit, Dudu Busani-Dube did create an animal in us. One that won’t rest and will never sleep.  But lucky for you ladies, Miss Author will be gracing the City of Kings with her royal presence.

We do know you Divas have a hundred questions for her because we do!

How in the world did she imagine such fine men that we can’t even fathom?

And Zandile’s beauty, any chance she had someone in mind?

Who died? (Like she will tell)

Who inspired her “Zulu” men?

When do we get a fourth tell all?

Who will tell the fourth story?

Was Mqoqi demented or suicidal?

The questions are endless. None the less, we do hope you will be at Homestead Bulawayo at 12pm on the 26th of August to meet the brains behind this beautiful creation. You might also want to get your own copy of the Zulu brother fantasy. All at your disposal on the 26th. See you then!

Whilst you at it, do drop who your Zulu brother pick is in the comments section below.


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