The clash of emotions

July 31, 2017


When stubborn clashes with hot head. When anger accidentally bumps into hurt. When bitterness meets frustration . When irritation becomes a norm. There is chaos and resentment. It becomes a concoction mixed with flying emotions. A concoction that should not be taken at all. A dosage of syrup that makes one drowsy, nauseous and weak. When emotions clash there is bound to be misinterpretations of the situation. People are bound to overreact. Some want answers there and then whilst others want silence. It gets annoying when the one who wants answers clashes with the one who wants silence. How does the one who wants answers get the answers from the who wants silence? How does the one who wants silence convey the message? It becomes close to impossible because it is like water and oil filled in a bucket full of green vegetables. Some talk of compromise. But how does it work? Who compromises? Do the emotions even allow room for compromise? Some say they should and others say let it be. Let the emotions clash and get it over with.  One says emotions can be controlled. Emotions can compliment two different characters. Therefore, people should not let emotions clash and lose control over their characters. Instead the clash of emotions should bring out a level of communication that allows for growth in a person. Most importantly a level that compliments a character.

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