Staying Financially Woke with THE PERSONAL FINANCE GAME PLAN

May 20, 2021

Let’s be honest – finance is not everyone’s strong point, personal or otherwise. Mere budgeting probably makes you want to run all the way back to childhood and the good old days when your mama used to take care of all of that ‘mess’. Keeping track of your expenditure? Even harder. But that’s the essence of financial literacy and as much as we may not want to hear it, accountability is a thing. But worry not, we have just the perfect find that’s guaranteed to pull through for you with a simplified and practical guide to Financial Literacy. Ladies and Gentlemen – we present the ultimate financial read, THE PERSONAL FINANCE GAME PLAN – A step-by-step guide to effective financial management by Shalom Govero.

Radio lovers will know Shalom from her money talk show. She is also a coach for various business women networks and leads the Financial Literacy team of Global Shapers Harare Hub. So basically, she’s THE person for all things finance. To be honest, we owe Shalom a massive thank you and once you grab your copy, you will too. THE PERSONAL FINANCE GAME PLAN is the dream financial read for everyone. Here are four reasons why this book is the book you didn’t know you needed.

1. Nothing new but something personalized,
We’ve all read a finance book or guide before but chances are, we never could really connect with it. This time around, here’s a book that you will relate to in every way. While Shalom teaches universal principles, she brings them down to us- making it all personal and relatable. Trust us on this one.

2. Practicality
Believe us, this book is not a sermon on the Mount but rather a step-by-step guide with actual practical tips and loads of simple, easy-to-use templates you can use for your everyday planning.

3. Let’s get down to the basics.
From setting goals for yourself and your hustles to that vision board that we know you’ve been dodging, this book has it all. Basically, what Shalom does is show that financial literacy is not rocket science. She breaks the nitty gritty’s down and brings it all down to our level.

4. Accountability
You know you know you’re supposed to track your spending but you’d rather live in a bubble and pretend you don’t? Well, Shalom has a reality check for you. All the important bits that you need to stay on top of, tracking your expenditure, discipline, and money habits, there’s no skimping around those. Yep, you are in for a good reality check and it’s worth it!

Now that you know you’ve GOT to get this read, getting your ebook copy is pretty easy with very flexible payment methods like Ecocash ZW$360 for a soft copy or ZW$600 for a hard copy. It’s a massive steal. Visit and get your copy.

You’re welcome!


By: Thandie Nyoni

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