A Star Amongst The Stars: Zimbabwe’s Very Own Makho Ndlovu Living An A-List Dream!

Standing on the red carpet with poise and grace, she exudes confidence to rival any star. Even as she rubs shoulders and talks to some of the world’s biggest A- listers on the world’s biggest stages, her own shine does not dim. With a smile that truly dazzles, the world is smitten and held in awe.

Her name is Makhosana Ndlovu, and she is a Zimbabwean-born Entertainment Correspondent based in the United States, who is currently rocking red carpets, mingling with celebs and effortlessly winning our hearts over whilst at it. Put simply, Makho is living her dreams, and she’s taking us along with her. We take a look at how her amazing career came to be…


Rise To Stardom

Makho Ndlovu was born on the 14th of April 1982 in Bulawayo. It’s no surprise that the former beauty queen who became Miss Zimbabwe USA 2006 was born and raised in the City of Kings and Queens. She has fond memories of this period, and recalls being dropped off at Coghlan Primary School by her grandfather, and also visiting her grandmother in Nkulumane suburb. At the age of ten, her mother made an important and hard decision that changed their lives forever. The family left Zimbabwe and moved to the United States of America, a place where the wheels of destiny would accelerate towards Makho’s rise.

Before her dalliance in entertainment, she was a Project Manager at Sony. Although working a job a lot of people would deem as ‘perfect’, she had a tingling feeling that something was missing. She had always loved entertainment from a young age. Growing up as a young girl she was fascinated with magazines, and finding out what the celebrities were up to. She however had no idea that this fascination would eventually blossom into a career.

An opportunity arose in 2011, when Global Grind, described on its website as a viral news platform that creates engaging, entertaining, interactive, and informative online content for urban millennials, went on a search for a video correspondent. Makho entered the competition, without much enthusiasm and just to try out her luck. But was she in luck or what? Out of about 5000 competitors and after only three rounds, Makho was chosen as the winner, a decision which was personally made by media mogul, Russell Simmons, who also co-owns Global Grind. It was a grand entrance into the entertainment arena and since then, the girl from koBulawayo has never looked back.


Love & Romance

Makho is married to Zimbabwean, Carl Hlazo. She admits she had no thoughts or hope that she would ever get married to a fellow Zimbabwean. After all, having spent most of her adult years in the US, she kind of expected to get married to an American, but hey, if it’s meant to be it will be. Makho met the love of her life through a mutual friend, and the two have been inseparable ever since. After years of friendship which eventually led to romance, Carl finally popped the question in a romantic proposal, overlooking some of the most splendid views in the city. She said yes and the couple tied the knot in 2015, in a beautiful wedding in New York City.


Hustling and Grinding in The Media Business

Makho has been making great strides in showbiz, something she says is attributed to the fact that she remained true to her roots and heritage, making her unique and causing her to stand out. Besides being a video correspondent for Global Grind, she also hosts EssenceNow, a show which focuses on entertainment news. She has also done weekly segments for youth station YFM Station, as their US based entertainment correspondent, and also does the same for BET Africa.

On the 30th of September 2019 a dream came true, when she hosted her own segment on the Wendy Williams show. Makho did not stop there, she has also appeared  on Amazon Live. Her colourful and impressive CV also includes gracing the covers of numerous magazines as well as appearing in commercials and adverts for distinguished brands. Besides, her on-camera gigs, she is also a blogger, writing for Global Grind and her own personal blog called makhondlovu.comwhich she grew by writing authentic African stories.


All Things Fashion

One of the most striking things about this beautiful lady is her sense of style. She co-owns a boutique in Indianapolis with her mom called ‘Makho’s Closet’. The store has stylish and affordable clothing, that will make you look like a million bucks, but won’t break your budget. As the co-owner and face of the brand, we take her word on that.


Mom, Daughter & Family

Behind every successful woman, is most likely a loving, caring and supportive mother, and Makho certainly has that. She describes her mother’s decision to move the family to the USA as life changing, affording her most of the opportunities and privileges she enjoys today. She is very close to her family both in the US and in Zimbabwe, and always makes sure to return to Zimbabwe at least once every year for visits. Home is where it all started after all.


By:Chido Kakora


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