Spotlight On EVE KAWADZA

April 26, 2018

Eve Kawadza is a popular Afro Jazz singer , here’s an opportunity to get to know her better.

Who is Eve? Give us a brief background about yourself (where were you born, school, etc).

Eve Kawadza is a singer, songwriter, performer and aspiring DJ. Born in Buhera and grew up in Mbare. The eldest in family of 5.


Primary- Houghton Park Primary

O’Level- Howard High School

A’Level- Harare High School

Bachelor of Arts- University of Zimbabwe


  1. Please describe your passion? How did you start singing?

Always had a passion for music and was a regular at the Book Cafe’s Open mic when it was still operating. This platform really helped me to conquer my fears and boost my confidence in front of live audience. I also worked with Children’s Performing Arts Workshop (CHIPAWO) UMOJA a cultural exchange program where l participated as a vocalist. l started singing professionally in 2010 when l started working with a band called BlaQberry MuziQ as a vocalist with one Zimbabwe’s finest pianists Filbert Marova and the amazing and talented Tafadzwa  Marova. It was easy to blend in because of my passion for music and l also learned quite a lot from my association with BlaQberry MuziQ because l got exposed to a genre l have grown to love so much which is Jazz.


In 2012 the brand Eve Kawadza came about and l haven’t looked back. I enrolled for classes at the Zimbabwe College of Music in Harare where l attained a National Certificate in Music. Over the years till 2017 l performed on various platforms and had my fair share at corporate events.


2017 I got an opportunity to be part of a musical project in the United States of America which is where l am currently based.


  1. What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far in your career?

My biggest challenge has been finance especially at the beginning of my career. Sometimes booking agents and promoters abuse the term exposure so you end up performing for close to nothing whilst having a lot of expenses to be there.


  1. What are your values? What do you regard as most important in terms of principles, world views, beliefs?

Work ethic, work ethic and work ethic. I do not like to take shortcuts and l believe hard work pays off really good. I believe in God and only God puts everything to work for the good in my life.


  1. Do you have a family, if yes what do you enjoy most about family life?

I do not have my own yet. My parents and sisters are my family and they are my number one supporters since day one.


  1. What would you say is or would be your biggest life achievement thus far?

Well l ain’t there yet. I am still progressing and working on myself one day at a time and trust me when the the time comes l will not have to mention. It will be visible for all to see. In short l am working on an empire.


  1. Tell us more about that and any other business ventures and/or community based projects you are involved in, if any?

Oh yes there are other business ventures that l want to focus on and am pretty much setting everything up and building an effective team for it. I love event planning and with my love for music l am venturing into music promotion and also deejaying. I am an enthusiast DJ and I would love to promote other DJs and my area of focus will also be female DJs and female musicians.


  1. Where do you draw your inspiration? Any role models?

Too many names to mention but generally am motivated by women in the music industry because they empower me as as a female artist to dream big and know that no dream is outside of my reach. I am also inspired by successful artists from my home country Zimbabwe, because they remind me that I am able to succeed like my fellow country men and women.


  1. Any interesting facts about yourself that you would want Zimbabwe to know?

I am an ambassador of my country. I promote my country through music, interviews, tours, and giving exposure to current and upcoming artist as an aspiring DJ (Still learning how to do it). I follow Zimbabwean artists a lot, and keep up with activities within the Zimbabwean music industry. I want the world to know more about Zimbabwe. Lastly, l love to dance…that’s a fact…LOL


  1. Do you have any piece of advice you would like to impart to younger generations pursuing music as a profession?

Love what you do and be passionate about your profession. Work hard , but also be smart by investing in marketing and by networking. It is very important to put your all in to everything you do especially your live performances. Be reliable and consistent, the energy that you would give to a crowd of ten thousand, give to an audience of ten. Above all put God in all you do and things will fall into place.


  1. What are you currently working on, what should your fans expect from you?

 There are numerous projects that are underway.  First of all, I am working on my skills as a DJ and l am known as Empress Eve in those circles. There is a live session that l do on the Empress Eve ZW Facebook page every Friday 5pm CAT dubbed Zimdancehall Fridays. This was created with plans to use the program to create other avenues in as far as music promotion is concerned.

Additionally, I am working on new music, with some releases and videos anticipated before the end of the year. Lastly, I have live performances at concerts, hotels and conventions, where I showcase my first love, singing and performance.


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