The woman who fears God…

February 24, 2017

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised”-Proverbs 31:30.

We now live in an era where a woman’s value is more appreciated than ever before. Today, the world has realized that the woman has more to offer the world than playing housewife. Thanks to social media, we discover many women around the world who have succeeded in beating the odds to achieve some admirable feats. This in turn is inspiring many others everywhere to challenge the status quo and contribute their quota to the world. By: Josephine Amoako

The God Factor

But aside all the hard work and degrees that can put a woman on a pedestal is the God factor. There is a limit to how far human strength and knowledge can take a person. To have that extra edge to distinguish one from the others requires the supernatural favor that only God can bestow on a person.

Acknowledging a Flawed World

As much as it is essential for anyone to take social networking seriously in case the need arrives, it is equally important to keep in mind that people are fallible. Sometimes the letdown could be deliberate; other times, the timing could just be unfortunate. And one can’t entirely blame the other for not coming through. After all, everyone has his own business to take care of.

Walking with God

This is where God’s favor comes in. When you find yourself in a tight spot with no way out, only God has the power to make a way out of seemingly impossible places for you. A woman who walks with God would pass through the harshest of circumstances and instead of coming out broken and depressed, she comes out stronger and well-equipped to face the next phase of her life.

Looking Beyond Our 5 Minutes of Fame

The world celebrates youth, energy and glamour and one would have the spotlight as long as she remains ‘relevant’. But the limelight isn’t loyal. The same platform that celebrates your works would tarnish your reputation even without evidence; as long as the speculation is juicy enough to sell. That is why it is not prudent to live to merely please people. When the world finds fresh blood, the spotlight will locate them. As a woman of worth, much more valuable than five minutes of fame, one should aspire for more substance.

Shining in God’s Spotlight

The more you walk with God, the more value He adds to you. You may be growing old but His glory upon you makes you exceptional. There is no expiry date on your worth; He keeps making you better. Even when you stumble, He won’t abandon you like people would. He will help you up and He will restore all that you might have lost. If you want to be more than a seasonal celebrity, then consider making God the driver of your wheel. Only He can take you places where you never dreamt of. If you hand over your gifts to Him, He will bring you before great men.

Want to be a timeless diva? Make God your life coach.

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