June 5, 2017

|27th World Miss University Continental Queen of Africa|Former Miss Universities Queen Zimbabwe|Valerie Chingonzo is an Academic Beauty Queen who seeks to empower women


The one thing I would absolutely die without is: my mother

The one person who really gets me is: my friend, Betty Penilope Chinzou

If it were to all end today: I would be grateful that I am saved and I would be so excited to finally meet my maker

One thing you’d be surprised to know about me is: I am a very shy girl but people mistake that with me being a snob.

What I know for sure is: I am going to be an international brand

If my life was a movie: it would be any of the fairy tales, where I am the only girl in the kingdom that the prince chooses to marry and we live happily ever after

I’d never ever: Murder

My style is: Classy with a hint of rebellion

My ideal Saturday night is: Binge watching movies, Scandal or Vampire Diaries

My safe haven is: My family

My Top 5 jams of all time: Night Shift- Lionel Richie

Time after Time- Cindy Lauper

New Edition- Can you stand the Rain

Enya- Hallelujah

Calvin & Muzi- Tombofara

Angelina- Caiaphus Semenya

Bonnie Deuschle & the Celebration Choir songs any day. Sorry, that is more than 5 but I could not leave out any of those.

Diva is: a female version of a hustler, then people hate on you because you have this self confidence that does not need any form of validation


Love is: a feeling that you feel when you feel you have a feeling. It is seeing beyond imperfections and shortcomings.

If only all men were: a bit less selfish when it comes to how they treat women

If only men knew: how it feels to be a woman. They don’t really know.

To really love a woman: is to treat her like a Queen, your Queen. Crown her and make her sit on a throne everyday of her life and you will never go wrong.

For him to get my attention: He should shower me with gifts, not because I am a gold-digger but because I have standards

For him to keep my attention: He needs to always impress me

The most romantic thing I’ve ever done for a man is…to pray for him

The most romantic thing a man’s ever done for me is to tear up when confessing his undying love

The one thing I’ve done for love I’d NEVER EVER do again is totally neglect my morals and my values

The most important qualities in a man are… his spirit, the way he treats you, his character, his love and his sweetness and SENSITIVITY to you.

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