Some Downtime With Chef Cola

May 22, 2017


The food industry is a very competitive industry. What do you think sets you apart?

Being a pioneer in my field sets me apart from other chefs in the food industry. I am a vegan chef trained in Cape Town my choice of cuisine to specialize in is one that is not really ventured in. Slowly but surely I am raising more awareness to the vegan lifestyle to Zimbabweans.


African Vegan on Budget- why vegan?

The aim is to raise more awareness to the various benefits of living the vegan lifestyle. I opted for the “on a budget” part because as soon as people here the word vegan the immediate assumption is that it’s expensive. I make dishes that are filling and tasty but most importantly on a budget that the average house hold can afford.


What milestones has your organisation achieved?

African Vegan / Vegetarian on a budget being under a year old has achieved significant milestones such as  hosting private dinners “Dinners with Chef Cola” that are 100 percent vegan inspired. “Dinner with Cola” is hosted once a month and features a mixture of guests ranging from media personalities, socialites, CEO’s, Diplomats and many others from a broad spectrum who all come together and have the experience of vegan vegetarian dishes. This has allowed us to spread the word in vegan cuisine and what it means to be vegan more effectively.

You are well travelled and yet you choose to set up shop in Zimbabwe amidst its economic challenges. Why so?

Why not set up shop in Zimbabwe…. Yes the economic situation is not ideal for most business ventures but I found my silver lining by being a pioneer and innovator in an unknown industry to many in Zimbabwe. By the time things do get better for us I would have planted my roots in and built a solid customer base

You have done so much at such a young age. What keeps you going when the going gets tough?

Self-motivation and discipline have helped me a lot…. And also realising that I have a long way to go in terms of what I still can do in the vegan industry in Zimbabwe.

How do you balance your various activities?

I literally manage my time by keeping a diary for what I will be doing on any given day.

As a chef, what is your one favourite ingredient that you can’t do without?

One ingredient I cannot go without is anything fresh and organic. I do not like working with meat or proceed foods.

What is the 10 year vision for you?

8-10 year vision plan is to own a vegan /vegetarian restaurant in Zimbabwe and Health food outlet of some sort in Cape Town. I will also like to start working towards my goal of teaching culinary arts.


If you weren’t a chef or DJ, what would you be?

If I wasn’t a chef or DJ I would probably be in public relations helping creative brands with their PR and brand management.

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