Sizzling Hot Date Ideas For $20 Or Less…This is NOT a Hoax!

Dates are fun, a chance of getting to know one another and also possibly experience new things. However they could possibly be expensive and we don’t want (and sometimes honestly can’t afford) expensive; we want fun and affordable too! So, we have been walking around these streets searching high and low to find some practical date ideas that can suit everyone and we have managed to narrow down these excellent and practical $20 date ideas. Yes you read that right! $20. And yes, you can say it, we are forever your plug.


Movie Date

We’re taking it back a little and recommending a movie date. Not an indoor Netflix and chill on the couch movie. But a cinema house, Ster Kinekor movie with the snacks and everything. Remember when watching a movie at the movie house was ‘THE’ best thing ever? Yes let’s wind it back to that. It’s a cozy way to watch a movie with bae or your girls. We can confess that we have always preferred the movie house vibe, the darkness and no distractions. Ster Kinekor movie houses can be found in Harare at Sam Levy’s Village and Joina City in the heart of the CBD. Movies show at 12.30, 15.00 and 17.30. Movie prices are $6.50 for a 3D movie for adults, $5.50 for a 3D movie for the kids with 2D going for $6 for adults and $5 for the little ones. If you are feeling so inclined the prestige lounge will only set you back $8.50

Ster Kinekor also houses a Pizza Hut as well so you can get your pizza on too!

Ice Cream Date

There are so many places to get ice cream and you scream, we scream, we all scream for ice cream! Yes we love our sugar high and we love our ice cream. Cafe Nush is a great place that always has a wide variety of flavours. Creamy Inn is not to be excluded with their delectable waffles and sundaes. Our favourite though is Gelato Crema which has branches by Avondale, Honey Dew and Borrowdale’s Village Walk in Harare. They have so many flavours and offer more than just ice cream. Now that we can sit in, you can enjoy the creamy fullness as it melts in your mouth. A scoop of delicious Gelato Crema costs $2.50 or RTGS equivalent. The glutton in us indulges and has 3 scoops once in a while. Also they have promotions once in a while so always be on the lookout for that!

 Indoor Picnic

Visualize beautiful flowers,  picnic blankets and straw baskets, plates, glasses, utensils and napkins and all your favourite snacks, sandwiches,  crisps, biscuits, sausage rolls and cocktail sausages, pasta and potato salads and a selection of booze and soft drinks. And it does not matter if the weather is rainy as it has been of late because it’s just as fun to create the picnic experience indoors, whether that be in your lounge, back garden (if you have one) or your room if you are renting.

The snacks you buy won’t cost you more than $20 and they are your biggest expense as everything else is already in your house.

If you are outside you can look at the stars too, add some stargazing into it. You can take the time out to share your goals away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let the calm take over and see where it takes you.

Paintball Shooting

Now here’s the real plug -Ultimate Fun. One of the hidden gems in Harare that has quite a variety of activities that are perfect for dates. We know paintball shooting might seem a bit on the violent side but we think it’s an excellent way to see your partner in action! Their minimum is 4 players per game so perhaps it would work as a double date idea. Ultimate Fun is located in Hellenic Sports Club Grounds next to Chapman Golf Club. Not too far from the CBD and their paintball services are quite affordable. 80 balls will cost you $7, 100 balls are $8 and 150 balls are $10 If you want to add target shooting to the fun (why not?) it will cost you just $1 for 10 balls.

Trampoline Date

The streets have been saying the only thing that would make an awesome party automatically insane is a jumping castle. We might not be able to get a jumping castle but there’s always a trampoline! It’s a close second right? Ultimate Fun offers trampolining at $2 for 15 minute sessions. At that price you can afford to jump and get a meal afterwards too. What a fun way to double up a work out and a date! We love bringing out our inner child and this would definitely be the perfect way to experience the memories of the jumping castles we always clamoured to have a go in.

Putt Putt

Fancy yourself an undiscovered Tiger Woods? You can put it to the test by having a putt putt game at Ultimate Fun. We told you that they are THE ultimate gem. So many fun activities. A game with 18 holes costs you $4 so that is definitely an efficient way to spend $20 on your date.

Lunch Date

Well, we can’t talk about possible date ideas without talking about a meal. The way to our hearts is through the stomach! Black Bean Taqueria offers some beautiful Mexican food that is way affordable. Their tacos are tasty and healthy too. They also serve spicy enchiladas and burritos so if you’re game to try new things, do not hesitate to try Black Bean Taqueria. It‘s one of our favourite finds that ticks all the boxes for the perfect lunch date brief. The Black Bean Taqueria is located in Alex Park. We only picked the one restaurant because that Mexican hits different but there are many other beautiful joints that also serve a meal under $20.

  We hope we’ve given you an insight into date ideas that are on a $20 budget. Have fun, and do give us feedback if you try any of our date finds!


By: Nyaradzo Ngoma


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