A sit down with ‘your girlfriend’s favourite DJ’

If there’s one voice recognizable almost anywhere and that we look forward to hearing on radio, it has to be that of DJ Mox. The man has been a permanent fixture on our airwaves as a voice over artist and a radio personality for the past ten years. Our delightful chat with him reveals how he became the brand he is today and why blueberry muffins are how he would like to be remembered. Yes, blueberry muffins! Read on and see why we think stand-up comedy should be his next big thing!

Please introduce yourself to us?

I am known as Dj Mox , your girlfriend’s favorite DJ – The Moxinator, but my government name is Shingai Mokina. I am a Broadcast entertainer and I host a radio show from 12midday to 3 pm and Friday evening 7-8pm on Star FM.

 What inspired you to venture into the media sphere.

It was an accident really. I was discovered by a prominent media personality who won’t be named for now who got me to do voice overs for commercials. I went on to be trained as a voice over artist and then joined ZBC in  2010 as a continuity presenter. I then auditioned for Star FM and got some prior training there, and now, years on I am still with the family.

What was the most difficult part about creating or becoming the brand you are today?

Creating a solid brand takes consistency. With radio and in fact show business in general, you are only as good as your last show. So you need to be consistent and always try to innovate and improve.

What lessons has Covid 19 taught you in regards to keeping your hustle going?

 To always think of the future and to take advantage of the digital landscape. I think there is a lot we need to do in Zimbabwe to bring entertainment to the people’s palms.

How do you deal with the negativity and the naysayers that come with being a public figure?

To be honest I have always tried to put out the right kind of energy and vibe. But negatively will still always come and so I just stand my ground and maintain my composure.

 What advice would you give to anyone out there who is thinking of pursuing their dreams?

Break a leg.(chuckles). Try as many things as you want, explore and it will take you to your dreams. Believe in yourself. There are lots of people out there with little to no talent who are doing big things so why not you with everything you have going for you.

What else does Mox do besides serenade us with that voice on radio?

Mox likes pillow fighting….(laughs) Ok, that is still a ritual duel with my brother. But I enjoy music (dah) and I watch a lot of TV series and stuff. I also enjoy badminton and touch rugby (whenever I can).

 What is your go to self care routine that amps you up?

I listen to my strange playlists. Exerting myself, running about or simply hanging out with the boys or enjoying a beautiful forest scenery or sunset can really get me back to winning ways.

If you could, what would you tell a younger you 15 years ago.

Dude, you are going to do some good and great things. Just be good and believe in yourself. Don’t eat the cakes on any Saturday in 2004. Your mates have a bad idea (Laughs)

Music does a lot for healing and restoration, what genres/artists do you favour and why?

Unfortunately being in my position as radio DJ and Presenter, I absolve myself of mentioning local favorites. It’s how I choose to approach my career so as to avoid being seen as biased even if it’s acceptable. In Africa I listen widely, from Kizomba to House to Afrobeats. African music is deep. Worldwide a lot of Hiphop and RnB; J Cole, DAX, Eminem, Royce Da 5’9, Joyner Lucas, Ella Mai, CB. My playlist is a potpourri of genres mixed in. I guess it has some indication to my persona. And no, I don’t have no multiple personalities (laughs)

 What should we expect from you this year, what mountains are you scaling in 2021.

There is a lot of realignment and restrategizing happening. New frontiers to be broken.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Blueberry muffins. Ok, that’s silly.  For putting my all into what I do and helping others do the same. I hope that will count for something and inspire someone to achieve their own goals.

We hope you had as much fun reading this as we had during the interview with Dj Mox. We look forward to more years of hearing his voice on radio and we will heed his advice and start believing in ourselves a whole lot more.


By: Nyaradzo Ngoma


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