December 7, 2017

To mark the end of the 16 day campaign against Gender Based Violence Divas Inc Magazine will host an online event (panel discussion) on Twitter on the 8th of December. The main objective is to empower each other as women to not only lend our voice and to actively participate in being our own change agents in the fight against GBV but to also support and stand in solidarity for and with each other in this fight. A huge part of winning the fight lies in our standing together and banding together!  We need to ask and answer the question ‘What can we do for and with each other as women to not only talk the talk but actively walk the walk in the fight against GBV.

 The discussion will be open to the online community and the panel will have four panellists who are :  Sokostina, Kiri Gumunyu, Thembe Khumalo and Danai Chirawu a Legal Officer from the Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association leading the discussion. The discussion will focus on key action points and how to effectively effect these and carry them forward beyond the 16 days of activism.

Venue : Twitter @divasinconline

Date : 08 December 2017

Time : 10am

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