Sharon celebrates the woman who taught her not to sacrifice her dreams at the alter of womanhood

October 19, 2020

My paternal aunt, Mrs. Takawira. She is many things to me – a confidante, a second mother, a cheerleader and an advisor who happily whips me back into line at any given opportunity. She is a matriarch and a trail blazer whom I have looked up to in our family. One of the things she has taught me is to not sacrifice my dreams at the altar of motherhood. One time, I had been selected for a 2 week-training program outside the country whilst my daughter was still quite young. Even though my husband had been encouraging me to go, I still felt guilty at leaving the baby behind.
I remember she said to me that I should not make the mistakes her generation made – of halting ambitions once they became mothers. She even offered to accompany me on the trip and stay behind with the baby in the hotel room if that would make me feel better. In the end, I went and left the baby behind and guess what, baby was fine and that opportunity opened other doors for me that I may have missed out on. Another thing I have learnt from my aunt is to not withhold charity when it is within my capacity to extend it. She is simply one of the most generous people I know and has given me more than she probably realizes.

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