Some Gafa Love and the Power of ‘NO’… Sharon Shares her favourite things

October 19, 2020

Holiday Destination
Troutbeck, Nyanga. It is serene and beautiful all year round. Fresh air, tasty water, beautiful scenery, great food. A trip at least once a year is an absolute must for me to recharge

Hangout Spot
Mazowe Resort. It always makes for a great day out with family and friends at a beautiful natural hideout just 20minutes drive from my home.

You can play me anything from Winky Dee’s last 5 albums and I will sing along – word for word.

My smart watch. I keep my phone in perpetual silent mode to manage the demands of my hectic days and my smart watch is an excellent prompt for calls that need to be returned while keeping track of my fitness activity and making it easy to find my phone when I finally do need to look at it.

Self-Care Indulgence
Once in a while, I like to spend the whole day by myself and so I banish all my family (and the dog) out of the house and spend time in a board meeting with me, myself and I before binge-watching some Netflix shows and binge-snacking on maputi.

Quote You Live By
This is one I coined myself – “thou shalt not make thine life unnecessarily difficult.” I live by it because I find that as women, we often take the tough path because we believe that it is part and parcel of the burden of womanhood or what is expected of us, yet more often than not, we could simplify our lives by either outsourcing some tasks or learning the power of a simple “no, thank you”.

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