April 25, 2018

I’ve always felt the nine months of pregnancy are as good as a year. Three whole trimesters sounds like three whole school terms to me. Owing to the hormones women don’t always feel great during their pregnancy.  The most common feelings and words to describe this period are; “bloated,” “giant,” and “uncomfortable.”   There really is something about everything on your body looking gigantic – the swollen nose, the swollen feet and the obvious tummy. By: Mutsa Gunda

But there’s no time to waste feeling blue or looking drab. Pregnancy is THE time to feel sexy.  Sexiness is a state of mind and feeling sexy has everything to do with being comfortable in your own skin, so embrace the change and the new body.  “Sexy” means different things to different people but regardless of how you define your sexy, here are a few ways to get you feeling great as you count down to meeting your bundle of joy!

  • Wear hairstyles that give you an extra bounce in your step. If it’s just one, then repeat it in different colors for as many months as you want… or repeat it in that exact same colour if you choose. The beauty of it – you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone! If you’re the adventurous type, try out the fun new hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try out. If the barrier all along was the hairstyle being unacceptable at work, take advantage of the maternity leave and rock it!


  • This period of your life is also to try out new perfumes. The sense of smell is highly active and some smells may make you sick so this is an excuse to try out different scents and finally settle for the one the new you likes. We all love nice things and they have a way of making us feel alive so go ahead and get a couple for yourself. Find a lotion, perfume or oil (or better yet – find all 3) that make you feel great…and rock them!


  • As your body changes, your wardrobe may have to change – some clothes won’t fit anymore and some may no longer flatter you like they used to. This is a perfect excuse to go shopping and to find new clothes that fit your new body. Nowadays maternity wear is quite attractive and comes in beautiful colors and styles unlike the maternity clothing that was available for our mothers back in the day (thank God for change!!). If you have always been a size six with small breasts then this is the time to enjoy the new found cleavage, push up those babies and blaze a sexy trail.


  • Have lots of sex!!! Research on the appropriate sex positions and try them out. This will enable you to find the ones that give you the most confidence….and pleasure!  Connecting physically with your partner is a great way to feel hot and sexy. Watching them enjoy your new body should contribute to finding…and keeping your sexy!


So sexy mama – take advantage of it all – have lots of great sex, shop up a storm, eat all you want and make your pregnancy an occasion!

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