Secret Note To All Men: What Real Divas Notice.

June 26, 2017

Sometimes most men assume women hardly notice their dress sense but that’s NOT the case! Every diva definitely spots a man’s fashion trend and sometimes its difficult to just tell the hubby or boyfriend point-blank that his style is just destroying her rankings on the ‘divanister’ charts. So I’m breaking the girl code here and popping three secrets which we as ladies discuss over tea most times. Read on gents…!

Good Shoes

Now you might feel as if this ain’t a big deal but guess what?: every diva notices the shoes. Imagine showing up with a tattered pair of sneakers at a sports outing or with a formal shoe which has out-lived its useful life. Not only will it be an embarrassment but your score will sink below sea-level and that male ego will be a thing of the past! Whenever you dress-up, NEVER overemphasise on changing different suits. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying it’s a bad idea but what really is the big deal are those shoes. So the next time you go for shopping, make it your point to buy classy, real shoes-be it crocodile, elephant or cow-hide material; make the buy worth it. For men, quality matters not quantity.

The Belt

“Well, it’s always below my shirt or khakis so does it really matter?,” might be the question whirling in your mind. My brother, yes it does matter! Imagine wearing a plastic belt which looks girly or cheap. Not only does it set you apart as the guy who’s not serious about his out-look but it also shows just how much you are willing to part with to look your best. You don’t have to get a load full of expensive stuff if you can’t afford, but just try to get three good leather material belts. You will save yourself the drama of having droppy pants if that not-so-expensive one decides to wear-and-tear in front of guests. They might just be your future in-laws, so save yourself the shock and embarrassment, just get the right belt!

A Valuable Watch

The watch is not only a symbol which reflects time, but also class. There’s nothing more rewarding than being asked the time and flipping your sleeve to reveal a dope Rolex, Police, Seiko, or Calvin Klein watch. The list of good watches is endless but bottom line is: a man’s wrist sums up his worth when it comes to the swag and epic game scale. As divas, we notice trendy pieces so don’t compromise when it comes to the price-tag. Squeeze in a little more extra the same way you part easily with the bill when hanging out for drinks with the boys. So until next time gentleman, keep the classy feel oozing!

Authored by Miriam C.R Mushaikwa

Freelance writer and editor

Facebook: Miriam Rujeko Mushaikwa

Instagram: clare.miriam.rujeko


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