Say Something… about this coming weekend

November 16, 2017


Say something (Say Something)is birthed from the backdrop that poetry and spoken word have been dormant in Zimbabwe for quite a while now. The conversation has often shifted from how effective the art form is to heated debates on whether the art form is even still relevant. This convention is designed bring together practitioners of the art form and more importantly to give an experience to those who love it.

The Convention

The convention is a full day event that’s experienced in 3-parts. The Conference in the morning, a poetry slam in the afternoon and a concert in the evening.


TIME : 1000 – 1200 HRS

The conference is where ideas are shared through the art of spoken word. The format is that of four keynote speakers from different industries presenting ideas. Each speaker gets 15 minutes to present and idea/concept then the floor is opened for a dialogue in the last year.

Poetry slam

TIME : 1400 – 1600 HRS

A poetry slam is known as the competitive side of the performance, poetry and spoken word. We are excited to bring this culture to the convention. 12 poets battle it out and the winner secures a spot on the National Poetry Slam stage to be hosted in Bulawayo on the 25th of November.


TIME : 1800 – 2100HRS

The concert is the main event with leading acts from Bitter Sweet Poetry (Zambia) and the best local poets and musicians.


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