Say No Until Your “Heart” Bleeds

June 5, 2017

People often say matters of the heart are complicated. Are they? Well, I often hear people say follow your heart. So if following your heart makes your life complicated how do you find joy? If your heart says stay in an unhealthy relationship how do you cope? If your heart says step on the tail of a snake, how do you escape? What if your heart wants you to swim in a river full of crocodiles? Where do you draw the line between risks and complications?

Where is the logic, if following your heart leaves you in a complicated situation? I thought following your heart means do what makes you happy. Where is the happiness when you are constantly thinking and stressing about that situation.

Well it’s time to say no to complicating your life, no to laziness, no to abusing your heart, no to abusing yourself and no to an unhealthy lifestyle. If the heart is crying for a knife to stab itself, say no till it bleeds. Balance the equilibrium of feelings and logic. Do not be a slave to your heart but be the master of it.

Authored By: Gugulethu  Mashe

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