Who Run The World?! Jacqueline Madziva, Founder and Owner of Orgeaux Skincare is Proving That GIRLS DO!

Phenomenal, passionate, powerful and inspirational are just a few words that describe founder and owner of Orgeaux Skincare, founder and owner of Orgeaux Skincare, Jacqueline Madziva. At 31, she has managed to build a brand that sees her products available in pharmacies around Zimbabwe. This self-starter not only continues to build her brand but encourages many women in science to enter the entrepreneurship realm themselves. We learn how Jacqueline’s love for cosmetics and skincare led to the establishment of an empire many of us swarm to as our go-to skincare brand. Meet our Woman Crush and skin hero:

What is Orgeaux? What products do you sell and where can we purchase them?

Orgeaux is a Zimbabwean organic skincare brand. We sell various products for different skin types and issues such as acne, dry skin, maintaining normal skin and treating sunburn among many issues. Depending on one’s skin type we have a product suitable for them. Our products are Orgeaux Deep Cleansing Soaps, Orgeaux Secrets of Nature Skin Butters and Orgeaux Skin Perfecting Face Scrubs.

They can be purchased at most retail pharmacies in Zimbabwe. That means you can visit your local pharmacy and purchase any of our Orgeaux products.


What inspired you to start a business in the skin and beauty industry?

Growing up I was always passionate about Beauty and Cosmetics. I had a dream to one day start my own cosmetic company. Having studied Chemical Engineering and worked for a soap manufacturing company myself, the dream just fell into place.

What sets your products apart?

Our products are 100% organic, local and very effective with no side effects.

What keeps you motivated to continue building your business?

As this was a childhood dream, I always remember why I started and I continuously focus on where I want to be in the next few years. I strive to make our products top sellers in the country and I am encouraged each time customers give good reviews about the improvements to their skin.

Who is Jacqueline Madziva, the woman behind the brand?

Jacqueline Madziva is a 31 year old Zimbabwean Chemical Engineer who is a wife and 3rd born in a family of 4. She is a Christian and enjoys traveling.

What is important when pursuing one’s dreams?

It is pertinent to always stay focused and never let anything or anyone divert you from your focus.

What one thing would you tell women in science?

Keep on pursuing your dreams and remember we are no different from our male counterparts.

How can we stop the misconceptions about women working in the engineering field?

By first acknowledging that there is no difference between a man who is an engineer and a woman who is also an engineer. If we have had the same education and training, we deserve equal opportunities because what men can do, women can do too.

What do you need to keep in mind as a woman in business?

You should always remember that you deserve nothing but the very best. Your dreams matter and are important too. Be the woman you are at home, work and social circles but never sacrifice your dreams for anything.

What challenges have you had to overcome as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome them?

A major challenge I faced initially was changing people’s perceptions about locally manufactured products. Introducing a new local product to the market and having people realise that a local product is actually really good and effective is something you need to prove. We overcame this challenge by letting customers try the product out and being patient. Now, once someone tries the product, they always come back for more because it works!

How can constant mask wearing affect the skin and what can we do to alleviate these problems?

Constant Mask Wearing can lead to a phenomenon known as Maskne (Mask acne) which is acne caused by heat, friction and bacteria from constant mask wear. To alleviate these problems we offer an Orgeaux Anti-maskne combo that’s very affordable and effective in treating maskne.

As the head cheerleaders for all things women, we believe that women like Jacqueline Madziva are paving the way for many of us in the science and engineering fields. If we believe that we are able to do anything men do, we can conquer the world. By allowing our gifts to lead us, we can change the world, one field at a time.


By: Delyse Gimani

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