Chef Rumbie on being unapologetically herself and the power in continuing to learn

October 5, 2020

Looking back to your early years, is this the life you envisaged for yourself?

Not at all. I wanted simple; I didn’t think I had to work this hard. I thought life would be easier and it’s been no walk in the park at all.

What have some of the biggest highlights and achievements been?

Believing in myself; that was the first. The ability to have self-love is one of the most prized possessions I have managed to achieve for me. Being my own mentor and allowing myself to experience every moment of my successes; even the short-lived ones. Opening the kitchen- I was so proud of myself and I felt my heart jump for joy.

And what have some of your biggest lessons or AHA moments been?

Ahhhhhh aha (Laughs)Well I think when I realized marketing today doesn’t cover for tomorrow; it has to be a consistent feeding, for a constant result.

What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever received?

Your health first before anything else. I work a lot and neglect myself and it affects my wellbeing often.

If you were to pick one defining moment on your journey to now, what would it be?

Entertaining the thought of cooking earlier on in high school but brushing it off because I didn’t think it would be feasible.

What are the things that matter most to you?

Peace of mind, family, friends, work and ME.

Oprah suggests everyone’s biggest pursuit in life should be to find what their purpose is and then to spend every waking moment making sure they live to fulfil it. What is your purpose? Have you figured it out yet?

My purpose is to use being a chef within my industry and a vitiligo advocate to spread ubuntu and create a name for myself.

What do you love most about the woman you have become?

I am me unapologetically.

And what do you know for sure?

That I am an exceptional Chef and I am glad I allow myself to continue learning.

The Legacy

What does the future look like? What do you still want to get done?

Chefs clothing line; cooking studios; reopen the Kitchen and launch some products under my brand.

If you were to do it all over again, would you do anything differently?

I would start earlier, trust no one with funds besides me and work smarter every time I took ill earlier on when I initially started off.

How would you like to be remembered when all is said and done? What story do you want to be told about you?

Hmmm that’s a hard one. That I created a voice and a place for Zimbabwean Chefs to be trained according to international standards and for them to find an authentic creative bug. And that I promoted self-love.

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