The Royal High Tea

May 11, 2018

This Mother’s day, you can not afford to just sit home after church and have a quiet afternoon. Olinda Chapel is hosting a High Tea event which is highly anticipated because she has often hosted these events overseas but this year on a very special day, she’s bringing it home. It is a business development event mainly centered on improving women’s businesses through networking. We managed to have a quick chat with two of the phenomenal speakers who will be at the event.

Josephine ‘Jo’ Kanengoni

  • Please briefly tell us about yourself

Am I allowed to bring out the cheese and sum it up with ‘ I’m every woman… It’s all in meeee’
because quite honestly who I am is defined in so many different and equally important forms I wouldn’t know where to end… I’m a sister, a friend, an aunt, a daughter, an avid reader, an absentee Anglican, a business owner,a proud Zimbabwean, Founder and Managing Editor of Divas Inc Magazine, a TV series lover, head cheerleader of the Beyhive, …like I said.. I really wouldn’t  know when to stop .Lol..

What motivated you to venture into your area of expertise?

I LOVE women. I LOVE reading(..and writing) And I LOVE speaking. So media and publishing really was a no brainer for me. To find a space where I can purposefully engage and value add to the Zimbabwean woman using mediums that I love is such a dream for me!  I come alive when I engage with other women on our various platforms on issues that matter to us or when I write on those very issues with the hope that my words speak in some way to another woman and she can find pieces of herself,nomatter how small, in my words…The platforms we have created with Divas INC allow me this and I wouldn’t trade that for anything…

●May we have a sneak preview of what the guests should expect from you?

The whole idea in us getting together  is to truly and fully celebrate ourselves as women-as the mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, sisters that we are…to acknowledge our individual strengths but more importantly the strengths of our relationships. No woman is an island and I believe we have achieved our greatest when we’ve come together and tapped into the spirit of community and connectedness that is such a core part of being a woman. We thrive on intimacy and relationships and  our most powerful relationships are quite honestly with each other. So my message is really going to be about that… celebrating the ‘sisterhood’ of womanhood and exploring how we can really tap into that, shake things up and cause a major disruption…of the great kind!

I’m sure the guests are looking forward to the event…what are you looking forward to?

Connecting and conversing with the women coming…There is absolutely nothing that intrigues me more than a woman’s mind.. it’s such a resource it really should be declared a national treasure (Lol)… So to get the opportunity to tap into the minds of all the phenomenal women that will be attending the high tea and to engage with them is without a doubt the biggest highlight for me. And any opportunity to dress up is also ALWAYS a good thing so yeah..that too..Lol..

Thank you Jo!!!

Danielle Allen

  • Please briefly tell us about yourself

Danielle Allen is a British born entrepreneur of Zimbabwean heritage who has always had a passion for fashion design. As a designer she is a perfectionist, articulate without a trace of mediocrity. The excellent quality and finishing of the brands’ designs is evidence of this.

  • What motivated you to venture into your area of expertise?

Passion!!! I believe in chasing dreams and pursuing what you are passionate about so that work doesn’t seem like work but rather, something that motivates you to get out of bed every morning

  • May we have a sneak preview of what the guests should expect from you?

I’ll be talking about how to make your personal wardrobe appealing such that it’s the kind of ‘go to’ you look forward to every morning. Another topic for discussion will be, ‘Dressing appropriately for your body type.’ I believe one should dress how they want to be addressed.

  • I’m sure the guests are looking forward to the event…what are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to showcasing an all ‘plus size’ collection that will ooze sexiness allowing our ladies to feel as confident as possible. House of OC is definitely closing in on the plus size fashion and me being the creative designer behind it, has pushed me to limits as I’m constantly thinking about what the bigger ladies would want to cover or hide, so to speak. I have to think outside the box with the design aspect. It’s been challenging but it’s worth it!!

                                                Thank you Danielle…

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