Rest In Peace Morgan Tsvangirai

February 15, 2018

It is quite unfortunate how our day of celebrating love in 2018 will go down as a day Zimbabwe lost a former Prime Minister, Founder and leader of MDC. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai was a man who was loved by so many and he contributed so much in the ongoing campaign of establishing a democratic Zimbabwe. When we speak of courage, bravery and tenacity we speak of Morgan. He evoked and renewed the spirit of Hope in so many Zimbabweans throughout his years as a leader of one of the opposition parties in Zimbabwe. History will and can never forget all his contributions. He fought so hard for what he believed in. So many have described him as a man who fought a good Fight and many Zimbabweans have a lot to learn from the chronicles of his life.

Among his international acknowledgements and achievements, he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. It was given to him by the Spanish Foundation Cristobal Gabarron for his fight for democracy and peace.

Rest in PEACE, Rest in Power , Lala ngokuthula, Zorora Murugare.

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