Reclaiming Sexy Back

May 22, 2017

Ever wondered just how you lost all that swag and sexiness? It’s typical; there comes a time when you just feel slack and fatigued: your physical out-look reluctantly takes the “very last priority” tribute. The hair gets untidy, you put on those easy-to-iron outfits, your nails whittle and make-up becomes an extravagance in all that disorder. The dilemma to juggle your baby, hubby, societal commitment -work, church, friends and family all becomes a genuine clash of interests. You ultimately realise you are drowning, hitting rock-hard bottom and in that state, your very last craze is maintaining the ‘diva status.’ But now is the time to change the stats, read on and redraft your romance diary!

Reclaim that “unbelievably sexy” look.

Now this area is a must-do for every diva: revamp the lingerie section to re-ignite the bedroom allure with a golden knob on that entrance. Well, you might repeatedly chant a self-proclaimed motto ‘I’ve given birth remember,’ ‘I’m now “mai nhingi” so why bother?’ or ‘I’m no longer in the search mode, he put a promise ring on it’ blah blah blah… The excuse panel NEVER runs dry but hey love, I’m talking about reclaiming sexy back here not excuses, so it’s high time to get off the comfy couch and go on a shopping spree. Flanking your friend with good fashion taste, rush off, grab a shopping basket and throw in some lacy, attractive, smoking-hot lingerie. Bring out all that fleshy goodness and stop hiding behind those granny panties. The trumps blowing…it’s time for change!

Leave him guessing.

When it comes to bedroom chemistry and the surprise department; there’s no better pleasure for a lady than watching her man getting all desirous and very jealous every time she steps out. Always decree to show off the best make-up and fabulous attire (don’t forget the lingerie) each time you run off. His head will unquestionably take swirls as he’ll be trying to figure out just who you are meeting up. And if he then asks what you were up to, award him your sexiest smile and speak softly in his ear,”It was all for someone special; you haven’t yet seen the best portion, hang around for the special surprise tonight.” Then just sit back, roll up your sleeves and watch the bulging reaction…

Have serious self-love.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spoiling yourself with some alone-time once in a while. Yes, keep him waiting in the car whilst you get a sensual massage or pedicure done. This will give you space to just meditate and relax your mind whilst getting pampered. Even at home, take some time off…get into the tub, fill it up with your preferred bath oils/foam and just soak in there. Run the shower and lather up that sensual fragrance. You’ll realise that not only will you feel energised for the next ‘bedroom session’ but you’d have given yourself time to refresh and experience your sixteen-year old self again.

So until next time diva: don’t just wait for the rose bunch, take time off and chocolate-coat the bedroom romance but DON’T forget to self-love!  

Authored by Miriam C.R Mushaikwa

Freelance writer and editor

Facebook: Miriam Rujeko Mushaikwa

Instagram: clare.miriam.rujeko


  • Patience Mutamiri

    I like the way this article made use of a plus size model. She represents us real women. Tired of skinny anorexic skeletons being used to define womanhood.


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