June 1, 2018

Parents will agree with us that as the number of children increases, quality time for just you and your partner becomes a luxury. Being just the ‘two of you’ can become a memory if you let it. Having enough quality time as a couple builds and increases intimacy, it opens doors of communication and strengthens your bonds. This in turn strengthens your marriage. Plus, the first ideas of intimate relationships and marriage that children have are born in the home, from watching the parents, so make a good example.
Here are some DIY tips to include in your busy schedule to light up the fire…

50 First Dates

Making an effort means really making an effort. Organise a “first date”. It’s time to play and make sure your partner is ready to play as well. It could be a lunch or dinner date and the fun is to treat it like your first date ever. No heavy talk about mortgages, school fees, work stress or the sick relatives.NO!!! Stick to date friendly topics, smile at each other, get to know each other you’ll be shocked to learn some new things about each other.

Indoors Date

Let’s just suppose you’re working on a stiff budget create a conducive date mood in the comfort of your home. If you are not able to ship off the children to their grandparents or aunt then put them to bed early. I trust you do have that hot sexy ‘number’ gathering dust somewhere, take it look and feel sexy in preparation for your date. Cook a good meal, have popcorn ready for the movie later on. Make sure you have a bottle of wine and make it happen…

Care for a Gym buddie?

If you’re both fitness fanatics, Great!!! Don’t go very far looking for a gym buddie. Partner up with husband. I mean the problem we’re trying to solve here is lack of quality time, meaning you never in each other’s space so being gym partners won’t hurt. Some sexy gym positions will get your blood running and actually give you some ideas to spice it up (later on that night). Jog together take walks together, that’s actually cheaper and easier. PLUS exercise is scientifically proven to have a positive effect on your sex life.

Core Parenting

When women get married they usually begin to hang out with other married women or mothers who generally understand the lack scarcity of quality ‘us’ or ‘me’ time. It is quite common to be friends with other couples who have children as well. You could do a babysitting swap with them and share quality time ideas and then babysit for them as well when they need some ‘us’ time.

Weekend Get Away

Take some time to plan a weekend getaway… If it will take you months to plan owing to your busy schedules and trying to find a trustworthy babysitter then so be it! All the effort will surely be worth it.  Quality time for you and your partner is a must or else you will do so much for your children while neglecting each other.

Every moment spent with you…

‘’…is a moment I treasure. Don’t want to close my eyes, don’t want to fall asleep cause I miss you babe and I don’t want to miss a thing.’’  Just had to sing that line from an old love song by Aerosmith. Make the most of all the time you plan on spending together really count. Give your relationship enough time and effort.

By Mutsa Margaret Gunda

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