Quitting your job in this economy?

Nevermind the darn panorama, quitting your job in an environment where jobs aren’t falling from the sky ? Sounds like an extreme sport. But sometimes, well, maybe it’s not such a bad thing. At times quitting your job is the right thing to do, for your sake and your mental health. After all nothing is ever permanent! So many dynamics to think of, what’s next? Am I making the right decision? How do I make sure I’m covered without a source of income? So much to consider we had to bring in the experts and someone with the experience of leaving the “comfort” of a job. We sat down with Buhle whose experience with making the hard decision of leaving her job came with some gems of wisdom we just want to share with you. A Career Coach, Cleopatra Chirara also joined us in our sit down.


Broken promises

Buhle’s experience with what she considered her dream job came with a lot of broken promises. A promised pay increase and a promotion. She was promised the world and got none of it. Inconsistent management came with the job too and ultimately she had to face the truth that what she imagined her dream job would be and what it was were worlds apart. In the face of all that, she chose to walk away regardless of the “security”.

Cleopatra highlights that sometimes companies can sell you the world but not deliver. This often leaves many feeling disgruntled, unappreciated and unhappy. When career growth opportunities are not met it’s alright to consider seeking growth somewhere else and there is no need to feel guilty about making that decision to walk away and seek opportunities that align with you and your career objectives.


Mental health reasons

First of all, it’s okay to admit that you are taking a mental toll.  Many a time work does result in a mental downturn, be it anxiety or depression. Hectic schedules, unhealthy working environments, out of work demands…So many things that can have you on a mental downturn. Whilst its expected that the demands of a job often times can come with some strain and demands, if the stress becomes a consistent state and you no longer find any joy both at work and outside of work then it may be time to take a break. Do not be afraid to walk away from a situation that does nothing for your mental health. You are of no use to the company or anyone else with your mental health upside down. Prioritise your mental health always.

Is your job getting in the way of your business’ growth?

We know half the world has a business right next to the 9-5. But at some point the road reaches a folk and the choice has to be made. There comes a time where your business requires more of you than your job allows you to give. It’s okay to choose to focus on your business though it may mean a reduced income. It’s also okay to choose to stay in the security that your job provides while you set up your business!


The practical implications of leaving your job

While reasons to leave a comfortable job may vary, all of which being quite dependent on your personal choices, how then do you maneuver bills and responsibilities considering the economy?

Our conversation with Buhle revealed to us that it took a lot of planning, planning, planning and planning for her to get to a point where she could quit her job and not have the landlady screaming at her door. She drew up an Excel spreadsheet, detailed her expenses for the next 6 months and created a strategy to save up and make sure she can cater for those 6 months before she quit her job. She also paid her rent in advance and bought a lot of items such as groceries in advance. Being open about everything with her housemate and landlady helped ease the pressure and with a lot of planning she walked away from a job that provided her with a salary and a car.

Letting go of your job must never be an impulse decision but rather a well planned and executed decision. Have a plan for after you’ve walked away from your job. It’s also time to look into other income streams. Find a hustle that works for you. It’s not the end of the world. It’s okay to choose you regardless of the comfort a job brings. You might not figure it all out at once but with time, you will figure it out.


By: Thandie Nyoni


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