“Do you have any questions for us?” – 5 Questions You Can Ask Your Interviewer…

Interviews are daunting enough with all the questions you are asked. One of the most frequently asked but often most difficult to ‘answer’ has to be “Do you have any questions for us?”. There’s always the internal conflict – “Should I ask a question or not? What should I ask?What’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate? How do I come up with a question that won’t leave me embarrassed?”

 Well, here are a few questions you can ask your interviewer that will help you get a better understanding of your job and your employer and hopefully clinch the deal for you in the process. (Total win win right?)


 What are the most important qualities for this role that would make one do well?

Not only will this help you prepare for your job but it also shows that you are ready to go the extra mile to deliver on your work..

 What are the biggest challenges within the department right now?

Talk about rolling up your sleeves and getting ready to work even before you have either feet through the door. What employer wouldn’t be impressed? Also, forewarned is forearmed right?

 What do you think is your biggest selling point that sets you apart from your competition?

This shows you have an interest in the company and in getting to know more about it. It gives the impression of loyalty and might just give you some much needed bonus points.

 What does the average schedule of someone in this job look like?

Other than making sure you’re not totally clueless on your first day at work, this question will definitely help to show that you are interested and enthusiastic about the job and would love to work with them.

 Are there any training opportunities available within the company?

This is a good way to show that while you are there for a particular role, you are also ambitious and aiming for growth in your career.


When all is said and done, go forth and slay!


By: Sithandekile Nyoni


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