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February 1, 2019

To go places this year: Heritage Sites

Zimbabwe is richly endowed with unique tourist attractions that are visited by thousands of people around the globe. In fact, it is home to 5 of the World Heritage Sites and is among the top 19 World Destinations. Even with all its remarkable sites, domestic tourism remains extremely low. This year, we’re adopting #Travel Fridays where we experience, share and celebrate Zimbabwean tourism. After all, the world is a book; those who don’t travel read just a page.

Our first site is the amazing Matobo Hills…

Located in the southern part of Zimbabwe, about 35km south of Bulawayo, Matobo Hills is known for its scenic geographical landscape. It comprises entirely of granite rocks which weather into extraordinary shapes forming a sea of hills surrounded by open grassland. The area is popular for its incredible balancing rocks and magnificent rock paintings. Matobo Hills is rich in history dating back to the Stone Age era with the walls of Nswatugi Cave featuring a vast amount of Stone Age rock art. The rock paintings showcase the life of early Zimbabwean settlers. Cultural ceremonies such as the rain making ceremony and many others took place in this historical site.

Matobo hills houses the Matobo National Park which lies along the Kezi/Maphisa road. It is sanctuary to much wild life including the black and white rhinoceros. The highest concentration of the black eagle and leopards in southern Africa lies there. The park incorporates the Lake Matobos Recreational Park. The picturesque World’s view where Cecil Jone Rhodes’ tomb is located is also found at Matobo hills. If you love a combination of nature, wildlife, history and culture, Matobo/Matopos Hills is the place for you. It has been recommended for educational trips due to its rich history, geography and tourism aspects.

Game viewing
Mountain biking
Yoga and wellness
World’s view
Rock art galleries
Rhino tracking
Adventurous races

Matobo Hills Lodge – [email protected]/ (+263) 292 479909

Amalinda Lodge – – [email protected]/ (+263) 29 2243954 / 46430

BigCave Campsite – [email protected]/ [email protected]/ Mobile (Whatsapp): +27 66 473 8858

Farmhouse Matopos – [email protected]/ (+263) 292809218

Matobo Ingwe Lodge – (+263) 77 491 6533


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