The Power of a United Front

February 12, 2019

4 must-do things with friends
By Miriam C.R Mushaikwa

Have you ever operated in overdrive both at work and at home, up until that point when all you see in the mirror is your dishevelled image? Work can be more than a hive of activities, which might leave you cramping for a massage, foot-spa and just a few drinks to get your mind relaxed. There’s nothing more tranquil than hanging out during a work-free weekend with female friends, just to unwind. What you would then need are your soul sisters-a united front of girls friends, who just dare the budget and know exactly how to have the best of fun. Here are a few activities you can engage in during the weekend with friends:

Spa treatment
Going for a full body massage and a relaxing foot spa is both relaxing and reviving. Nothing soothes better than stretching on the massage table and having a professional, with fairylike hands knead your back. A perfect spa treatment is a good way to ease the body, so before you forget, dial up a few friends and engage them in your plans. Arrange an appointment at a good spa and get your weekend in motion! Get a facial scrub in the process, there’s nothing wrong with killing two birds with one stone. Don’t allow yourself to sink in your work schedule, rather let those soothing spa oils and the aroma pacify you. For the ultimate beauty experience, try The Skin Spar at +263 779 718 314 or make an online booking. It’s an all in one luxury spar and hair salon!

A Hair-do date
Instead of keeping the long and overdue braids/weave or that hoggish-looking wig which has outlived its heydays, do yourself a favour: dump that look and get a fresh appearance. Yes, work life can be overwhelming up to an extent going to the saloon is more of a luxury. But trust me diva, what really need is a new look, so never overlook it. Because sitting in the saloon can be cumbersome, don’t go to the hair studio alone; tag along your sister-friends. Just maybe, one or two might need a hair stylists’ touch. So go for it! And remember, the best hair-saloons are waiting for your knock at their doors…

Nail-art appointment
Work can leave your nails chipped, so instead of procrastinating, book a nail-art appointment. We all have that one friend whose hands are always well kempt, ask for her guidance. Clamp her and make sure she takes you to her nail artist! She might have a personal favourite so why not take that as an advantage? If you want to turn heads, make an appointment with Tammy Taylor Nails at +263 779 501 693.

A Shopping Spree
When the hair, nails and body are all refreshed, a wardrobe revamp would only be a necessity. So instead of saying your ‘goodbyes’, go for a shopping spree. New fashion trends would definitely compliment the new look. Your soul sisters know your taste and what looks best on you, stick to them and get unbiased fashion advise. P.S. Don’t forget the jewellery and handbags!

Then a Cherry on Top…
Still in the spirit of sisterhood, go for a lovely movie date. For the aftermath, get yourself a nice wine bottle and a good read. Then a cherry on top – soak in the tub, pour a glass of wine, play relaxing jazz or classical music. Have a perfect evening, you deserve it!

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