July 3, 2017

Network like A Diva

The amount of opportunity and clientele one can get from networking can only mean one thing- you’ve got to do it and do it like a boss. Voila! Your ultimate Diva networking guide.

  • It’s never about you. Nothing sounds more annoying than people using cocktails and functions to sell themselves and their product.
  • Listen more than you speak. A good networker is a good listener. People love the sound of their own voice. No easier way to make great contacts than to ask more and listen a lot.
  • Be genuine and relational. Networking isn’t about what you can get out of people. It’s easy to spot a user and that alone can take you ten steps back. Do not make contacts, build relationships.
  • Posture. Posture. Maintain eye contact. Nod as you listen. Don’t fidget and DON’T check your watch.

The key is definitely in the little things!

Priceless Money Saver Nuggets

Treat your cents like gold and they will become gold. Here are a few tips on how to cut down on your expenditure so you can save up for that plasma you have been lusting over.

  • Pack a lunchbox. It really is cliché but imagine saving the dollar or $3 you spend on lunch every work day. Multiply that by 20 and you might have an idea of how much you can save in a month.
  • Each time you are offered to purchase something you really don’t need at a ridiculous price on credit, move your head from side to side, smile and walk away. You don’t need the sleepless nights caused by creditors.
  • Get in the habit of saving 10% every month regardless of the bills. You never know when you will really need it.
  • Let’s take it to primary school. Get a piggy bank and drop a dollar in there every day. Open it at the end of the year and you might just be able to afford the lust worthy plasma.

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