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June 11, 2018

When we begin the year, most of us write down a list of resolutions, goals and aims for the year and some for the first half of the year. Well! we are in June now and it’s common that a few are feeling discouraged and demoralized but there’s no need to harshly judge yourself like that. Here’s a short ‘how to guide…’

  • Break your big goals down to smaller aims

Dreaming big is allowed but don’t put yourself under pressure by setting goals that are not attainable, if you have a low income aim to buy smaller things monthly which you can still celebrate. If you want to buy your dream car, save a little towards the car every month, if it will take two years so be it.


  • Begin again

Remember the days in pre-school right up to the very first years of primary school? The teachers would make you recite, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!’ It didn’t make a lot of sense then but we can assure you that the meaning is still the same… Try! Try! Try again!


  • Measure your progress against You

Do not compete with anyone but yourself. So what if you and your friends had the same goals, don’t worry if they achieve their goals earlier than you, it’s them. We might be friends, siblings or colleagues but our life journeys are totally different. All you have to do is compete with yourself, in your journey to achieve your goals, aspire to be the better version of yourself everyday.


  • Re-define Success

What is your definition of success? You will be shocked that the more you answer this question, you will realise that you actually have a lot of the things you need in life, you can find your happiness right where you are. This is directly linked to measuring your progress against yourself. If success means a good career before marriage and kids then go ahead work on achieving that, don’t be derailed by someone whose definition of success is getting married and having children first before a career.


  • There is life after a broken dream

The good thing about the word broken is it has a totally different meaning from dead. This means a broken dream can be mended, If you had given up because you met a few hurdles this is the time to pick yourself up, remove the dust from the dream, we’re quite sure it had gathered a lot of dust after being shelved away.


These steps should be repeated over and over again until you finally reach your goals…


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