Passionately slaving

July 24, 2017

What if I asked you what the thin line between working and slaving is? Answers would probably be working is for earning and slaving is abuse and lack of freedom. Maybe, maybe not! I often hear people referring their work to slaving. Does it mean working is slaving? Or slaving is working? Working is slaving because of the effort put in? Or slaving is working because it’s the only way to get things done? Hmm!

One then asks, if you want to get things done, be a slave to your work? Not necessarily but rather have passion, pronounced pay-sheen, as one of my elders says it. Pay standing for your earnings and sheen for you shining brightly in your work. Some may say, ‘I’m not following my dream, just the money’. Well you can follow the money and work towards your dream. How? Knowing what you want in life, knowing how to follow your dream and knowing the conditions of your work that will help you achieve your dreams and goals, patience as well but not delay. Because patience helps one to keep a sound mind and your cool because the bigger picture is in sight.

A friend of mine usually says sometimes one has to be enslaved to attain the right networks and skills got from the slavery to be free than to be free and not have the necessary skills and networks. However, the plan must be calculated; have deadlines and action plans. Most importantly, it must be built on a solid foundation.

Which is why I call it passionate slaving because you work hard to earn not only money, but skills, networks, reputation, knowledge to progress towards making your dream a reality and achieving your goals in life. You patiently slave through the hardships, challenges, office politics to get your foot in the right direction. Above all you are a slave to your dream because there is no freedom until you are free to let your dream go.


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