Pamela Shares Her Powa Tools…….

October 3, 2021

1. Be the most authentic version of yourself and you will excel. Why strive to be a photocopy when you were born a beautiful original? You’re unique; stand out, don’t stand in the shadow of anyone.

2. There is something significant and unique about you that will not only impact your sphere of influence but is set to impact your country, Africa and the rest of the world. It’s locked up inside you; releases it!

3. Don’t be afraid to step out and take on challenges. For every challenge, God will make sufficient provision for you to conquer; do it even when you feel afraid – youwillwin.

4. There’s room for each of us to develop, grow and make an impact in this world. Do not resent others for their success – celebrate with them genuinely, your turn is coming.

5. Be a source of encouragement, as you refresh others, you’ll also be refreshed. As you help meet other people’s needs, God will meet yours.

6. Develop a positive mindset because it governs your perspective. A positive mindset is solution-oriented and guaranteed of success.

7.Do not waste time on what you cannot change. Don’t waste time knocking on a door that clearly says no entry. Change what is within your control; your response to situations determines your success or failure.

8. You are on stage right now. The reel of your life is rolling as we speak. This is not a rehearsal. Be intentional about leaving a good legacy and put your best foot forward, you only live once #yolo

9. The only thing that is certain in life is change. Embrace it. Adopt it. Harness its benefits.

10. If it’s out of your control don’t hang on to it. Give it to God who is capable of handling it. When you’ve handed it to God leave it there with him; avoid going back and forth to collect it!

11. Be the ladder to other women’s success. Create a trail of excellence by deliberately empowering and mentoring other women, one at a time.

12. Be the warrior in that boardroom who creates a seat for the next woman to come to the table. And when in there, remember you deserve to be there. You’ve earned it. Don’t serve tea because you are the only female in there!



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