Paidamoyo, In Her Own Words

April 24, 2019

In Her Own Words is a roundup of badass women taking the country’s business industry by storm. The Zimbabwean Economy is built on the backs of such women. It is constructed by the strong hands of women in various business sectors. There’s nothing we cherish more than celebrating these phenomenal women. Every Wednesday, Divas Inc joins the world in admiring women making great strides in business and life in general. Our Alpha female for the week is Paidamoyo Muzangaza.

Pai, is the founder of Bespoke Delights, a local company that manufactures natural skincare products for both women and men. Bespoke Delights has two brands,

Pai’s Natures Delights – Natural Skincare, bath and body products

Bespoke Beards – Gentleman’s Natural Beardcare and Grooming Products


A scientist by profession, Pai has always had an interest in health sciences. She studied Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Technology in Australia after which she came back home to build her dream. Her story serves as inspiration that dreams do come true. Most importantly, she is a role model to the youth proving that a better economy can be built by the youth, for the youth and generations to follow. Paidamoyo is one of many women leading the way to making Zimbabwe great again.

Paidamoyo Muzangaza shares her life, her legacy, her passion…

The Birth of Bespoke Delights

“I grew up with sensitive skin that reacted to harsh soaps and lotions, and my younger brother suffered from eczema. It used to break my heart every time I saw the inflamed eczema sores on his hands, ears and face. He had to use some steroidal pharmaceutical creams and salves to help soothe his sore and itchy skin. I started researching on natural alternatives to chemical products and realised that so many people could benefit from them. 

When I was in Australia working and studying, I explored more on natural skincare products. I went for DIY projects where I would experiment with different natural raw materials that I had access to. I returned home in 2017 and continued my search for natural skincare alternatives. I realised that Zimbabwe did not have many good natural bath and body products that cater to those with sensitive skin such as mine and my brother’s. The products available in the market were of poor quality, the majority of them being imported synthetic products. I knew there was a market for chemical-free products that are not harsh on the skin, yet smell good and are effective in nourishing and healing. This motivated me to not only produce something for myself, but for the market as well. 

I understood the benefits of using organic oils and butters on the skin for health and healing. With Bespoke Delights, those with sensitive skin can scrub their bodies, soak in a bath with salts safe for their skin and use body oils to nourish and protect their skin. Seeing lives transformed through simple African oils and butters gives me pure joy. 

I also realised that there was lack of local grooming and bath products for men in Zimbabwe. The ones available were imported and quite expensive for the average male. Many wives complained about their husbands having rough, dry and unruly beards so we decided to provide a solution. The Bespoke Man’s brand currently produces natural beard-care products. These allow men to keep healthy, soft, conditioned and well groomed beards which look professional and smell great too.”

The Growth of Bespoke Delights

“When I started the company, I still wanted to pursue my other passion in the Veterinary Industry as I love animals. I worked for The Harare SPCA…I loved my job. In fact I loved both my job and my business, but it was hard to balance. Both needed my attention, time and resources for them to develop. I knew I had to decide which one I wanted to focus on and grow. It was difficult and a risk to leave a pay check to go for a start-up and nurture it. I chose the business! And now I am full time on my business and growing it. My love for animals still burns but I have no regrets.”

Building a successful company is no child’s play. For this reason, we had an “Expert Q&A” with Paidamoyo to help upcoming and established entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses. Catch up with us on Monday for a Q&A with Pai…

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