Our 11 Hottest (and Trendiest) Homeware Finds! Tres Chic Daaarhlings…

March 12, 2021

If you’re lover of the finer things in life, you’ll most likely agree with us that going on a shopping spree is SOOOOO fulfilling and somewhat therapeutic. The best part! Admiring your purchased luxuries when you get to wear them or make use of them. We especially love the thrill that comes with finding elegant home decorative items because you get to make your home look more stylish and be reminded of your shopping “accomplishments” and decorative skills on a daily once you’ve positioned the pieces in place. Please tell us we are not the only ones who feel this way about home décor and furniture!!

Anywho, in an effort to experience the not-so-guilty pleasures that come with finding beautiful home décor pieces, we scrolled through our Instagram feed to round up some of the coolest, most stunning home décor items that our local businesses have to offer. Scroll ahead to discover all of our recent DivasInc Home Finds we are swooning over. We know you’re going to see a few items that you’ll want to buy for your home (and maybe even for your best friend). The things we do for love and the soft life.


  1. Modern Flatware Set

This super modern contemporary flatware adds a flair of undeniable elegance to any diner setting. You can choose from finishes like black shine for a moody look, silver for a chic vibe, or gold shine for a glam table-scape. It’s the slender silhouette that makes us want to eat our meals with such elegance.

To buy: Modern Nest



2.Woven Bamboo Pendant Lampshades

We love anything eco-friendly and these lampshades are especially close to our heart because they are made from exceptionally renewable material that grows in our mother land, Zimbabwe. Each piece is carefully hand woven by artisans in our local communities into a sleek pendant shape using bamboo. So if you love the look of natural décor as well as the notion of eco-friendly living, this piece right here is a winner!

To buy: Handcrafts Zimbabwe P/L



3.Jacaranda & Teak Stripe Boards

What better way to serve your scrumptious cheese or charcuterie platter than on a striking and unique handcrafted board?! These gorgeous boards are constructed from reclaimed teak and jacaranda at Casa & Kumba’s woodworking studio in the Vumba Mountains. Available in limited quantities, make sure to grab yours whilst stock lasts!

To buy: Casa & Kumba



4.Bevelled Geometry Decorative Rectangular Wall Mirror

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she precious? Whoever thought we would be swooning over a wall mirror?! Well this Bevelled decorative wall mirror is truly a beauty. What really sets it apart is its delightful aesthetic, geometric form mirrored panels that transform it into elegantly ornate mirror for any room. Though we will deliberately hang it in the entry way so that all the guests are greeted by the perfect accent piece.

To buy: Mirrors for Zimbabwe



 5.Plush Faux Fur Throws

Something about warming up to designer throws that leaves you feeling all kinds of wonderful. Well, we want Luxe Linen ZW’s incredibly soft, plush and luxurious throws please. Their amazing selection features different coloured, high quality fuzzy throws that make us believe that faux fur never looked (and felt) so good. We are definitely going to recreate the look for our bedrooms with these snug décor accents for that cozy yet glamorous feel.

To buy: Luxe Linen ZW



6.Angled Rim Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are in our cart. Of course, their design is more about functionality than aesthetics but we’re especially here for their look. Can you blame us?! They are just perfect for adorning any table arrangement in style.

To buy: Pamo Homelux



7.Aluminium Silhouette Side Table

This silhouette side table is a unique accessory for adding a touch of sophisticated elegance to your living room. The design of the legs is the star of this fixture as they offer an eccentric appeal and edgy style that will complement many decors. This is one piece that will get your visitors curious on how you scored such an exceptional accessory.

To buy: Evanna Homeware



8.Hand Woven Baskets

Kumba Home & Gifts offers stunning collections of handwoven, ornamental storage baskets that add a simple yet sophisticated feel to any space in your home. And we are in awe! Woven with fabulous colours and exciting patterns, their baskets come in different shapes and sizes to suit your style or storage needs. So whether you want a woven basket to add some style to your space or you want them for stylish storage (think laundry – kids toys – dog toys) that can hide everything in your home, these are the perfect addition.

To buy: Kumba Home & Gifts



9.Teak Desk Organiser

Give your home office desk an upgrade with this solid teak desk organiser. Excellent quality, custom made to hold all your daily desk accessories. We have a strong appreciation for a clutter free desk, especially when we can arrange it in style!

To buy: Aziva Creations  



10.Breville Curve 4 Slice Toaster & Kettle

Matchy-matchy when done in excess can leave your room looking back dated. We are however, loving this twinning toaster and kettle set because the coordination is just right! It’s not too much, it’s not too little, just enough chic!!! Its scalloped glossy and metallic exterior is gorgeous, whilst the toaster itself allows you to use it as both a 2-slice or 4-slice toaster depending on what you need. The set also comes in four high gloss colours with chrome accents of your choice. When toasting, it stays fairly cool to the touch, which is good and has a handy removable tray that lets you dispose of crumbs easily. A worthwhile splurge isn’t it!

To buy: Picadilly Corner


11.Yarn Bean Bags

How about adding a surprisingly cool bean bag for your kids to lounge on?? We are very impressed with the vibrant colours and its even (albeit playful) unique shape. But buying anything for the kids’ comfort and happiness is justified. These creative giant bean bags are made of knitted yarn which makes them a super cosy chair alternative for the little ones and possibly an even cuter accessory for your living room than throw blankets.

 To buy: Yarn N Darn




By:Tapiwa Mhlanga


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